Greece introduces new subsidy programme for electric taxis


Greece has launched a subsidy programme to replace around 2,000 old combustion engine taxis with electric vehicles. The purchase of electric taxis will be subsidised with 40 per cent of the net list price, up to a maximum of 17,500 euros per vehicle.

This is the result of an official announcement by the Greek government. Another 5,000 euros will be paid for the obligatory decommissioning of the old combustion engine taxi. Optionally, 500 euros can be applied for per intelligent charging point at home or in a company car park. Applications for the new ‘Green Taxi’ programme will be accepted from 9 January until the end of 2023.

The government has a total budget of 40 million euros for ‘Green Taxi’. The funds come from the European Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF). The target group of the programme are vehicle owners with taxis of the Euro 5 class and older.

“The government, faithful to its commitment to effectively promote the green transition, is proceeding with another initiative by launching the ‘Green TAXI’ program with a budget of 40 million euros. With this we are helping 2,000 professional TAXI drivers, supporting each of them with 22,500 euros, in order to replace their old vehicle with a new, purely electric one,” summarises Costas Skrekas, Greece’s Minister of Environment and Energy.

“In this way we support many professionals in practice and at the same time, we come even closer to our national goal for 2030, according to which one in three new vehicles will be electric,” Skrekas continues.

hellas.postsen.comypen.gov.gr (press release in Greek)