Geely introduces an electric Panda in China

The Chinese manufacturer Geely has launched its latest model: the all-electric Panda Mini. There are a total of four variants of the small electric car, which will cost between 39,900 and 53,900 yuan (around 5,500 to 7,400 euros) in China, depending on the equipment.

The Panda Mini is, as usual for the small runabouts, quite boxy and has a wheelbase of just under two metres. In addition, the electric car is just under three metres long, 1.50 metres wide and 1.60 metres high.

The four-seater comes with two battery sizes, 9.6 and 17 kWh and, according to the manufacturer, should have a range of 120 and 200 kilometres respectively.

The name Panda should sound familiar, as Fiat also builds a subcompact car with this name. However, the carmaker does not seem to have trademark rights for the name in China, which is why Geely could name its latest fleet member Panda.

However, Fiat is also considering a comeback of its Panda with an electric powertrain. According to a report by Auto Express, a new electric Panda could be launched as early as this year.


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David Livingston
09.02.2023 um 07:35
Ok When is europe going to get a 200Km range car for less than 10k€? instead we get 30K€ plus telsa clones :-(
Neil Swanson
09.02.2023 um 13:33
This, all day long. But these ultracompact Chinese offerings lack the basic safety requirements for European markets.They sit just outside the quadrcycle category for something like the Microlino or Twizzy, but are absolutely ideal for city MaaS services and shared ownership models. Again, reducing the number (and size of) the car parc. Less profit so the self -interest wheel turns....
John Mansfield
12.02.2023 um 13:41
I hope Geely package protected for Europe and American markets. This is a viable option for people with 2 or less kids as a second car. As a single Pensioner like me it would be great
25.03.2023 um 14:26
You wonder why these are not mandatory ,as commented above, if they can get to EU standard safety I would buy or order one tomorrow.Make absolute sense, but then when did that ever matter with Politicians we have today.

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