InstaVolt launches large charging hub on Iceland

EV charging provider InstaVolt started working on its first public charging hub in Iceland. The site at a hotel near Keflavík Airport will boast 20 chargers, making it the largest rapid charging hub in Iceland.

InstaVolt, a British company now owned by EQT Infrastructures, launched in Iceland only earlier this year. InstaVolt Iceland aims to install over 200 chargers across the country.

Their first installation is under construction at the Aðaltorg Courtyard Marriott hotel at Keflavík Airport. There is no information on the type of chargers, but InstaVolt works with companies such as Tritium on DC charging elsewhere.

In Iceland, the company targets residents and tourists alike and says nearly 80% of tourists rent cars while visiting the country, with car rental companies committing to include EVs in their fleets.

Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt, added they were working with local partners “to produce a charging infrastructure for Iceland’s residents who have already taken on the EV revolution while encouraging tourists worldwide to take important steps to tackle climate change through EV use while travelling abroad.”

InstaVolt adds the site was “poignantly positioned next to the airport” to encourage visitors to choose electric when renting cars.

The InstaVolt charging hub will receive renewable energy from HS Orka, which has been producing 100% renewable energy via geothermal plants for over 40 years in Iceland.

The Icelandic Government launched its Climate Strategy in 2018, aiming for the country to be carbon neutral before 2040. The plan includes 34 measures ranging from a ban on new ICE sales by 2030 and phasing out fossil fuels in transport, while other efforts aim to increase carbon sequestration in land use through reforestation.

InstaVolt now claims to have installed over 1,000 charging stations in the UK. They had pledged in September 2021 to install 10,000 electric vehicle chargers across the UK by 2030. InstaVolt has since put their goal back two years to 2032.


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