RV company Bowlus to go fully electric

Bowlus wants to become the first fully electric RV company in the world. The American company launched the all-electric Bowlus Volterra last year, claiming it such a success that it now wants to electrify its entire lineup.

It is important to note that the Bowlus RVs are trailers and do not actually have an electric drivetrain of their own. However, the Volterra is equipped with a battery management system that can be charged via a solar system and provide travellers with electricity while off the grid.

Moreover, the Volterra is capable of charging the EV towing it, in case the vehicle runs out of juice. According to the company, “the 20 A Bowlus Emergency EV charge allows the Volterra to extend the range of an EV tow vehicle up to 65 miles.”

“Our move to fully electric is important because it sets a precedent,” said Geneva Long, founder and CEO of Bowlus. “Where most RV brands use old technology involving propane and gas or traditional batteries, we are making new ground, just like we always have. Picture yourself enjoying nature without the noise of a generator – it’s a fully immersive experience to be all-electric.”

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