Electreon, Toyota and Denso cooperate on wireless charging


Israeli company Electreon is joining forces with Toyota and component manufacturer Denso to develop a vehicle receiver based on Electreon’s existing technology. The receiver will make it possible to retrofit electric vehicles with wireless charging capabilities.

Moreover, the companies say they want to integrate “wireless technology into new cars released to the market” and help shape “the standardization of wireless EV charging.” The parties will sign a more detailed joint development agreement in the coming months.

“This partnership will make wireless charging accessible to a diverse and wide range of drivers and will demonstrate the many benefits of wireless charging as a cost-effective clean solution for charging EVs as well as a catalyst in reducing EVs’ carbon footprint,” says Electreon CEO and co-founder Oren Ezer.

During the technology evaluation at Electreon’s headquarters in Beit Yanai, Israel, the Israeli compy showed of its know-how by wirelessly charging a RAV4- PHEV.


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