Apr 13, 2023 - 11:52 am

Texas to introduce EV tax to make up for “lost” gas revenues

The state housing Tesla’s newest Gigafactory has proposed a new $200 annual “registration” fee for electric vehicle owners to make up for lost gas tax revenues, which pay for the state’s road repairs.

The amount is under criticism, as it is equivalent to the amount a driver of a large SUV that gets 15 MPG would pay per year. Drivers of smaller, more efficient vehicles that get 35 MPG only pay $85, however, putting EV drivers into the highest contributing category for the tax fund.


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  1. Ernie

    It seems to me that paying tax on electricity already compensates for the differential. Wouldn’t just be using that same percentage of added electrical taxation revenue to cover any loss of petroleum based tax revenue. It is already self balancing.

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