Faraday Future to deliver first FF91 at the end of June


There is another delay at Faraday Future: about two weeks after the start of production, Faraday Future has postponed the first delivery until the end of the second quarter. However, the future of the company is not yet secure – Faraday needs further capital to ramp up production.

According to Faraday, some suppliers have informed the company that they cannot meet the company’s time requirements. Therefore, the company is forced to adjust the already announced schedule. Which suppliers or components are involved, however, is not specified.

While the missing parts are relevant enough to delay the start of the three-phase delivery schedule until the end of May, Faraday wants to pull off another event: The first vehicle is scheduled to roll off the production line on Friday evening – about two weeks after the company officially started series production.

As part of the ‘Industry Expert Futurist Product Officer (FPO) Co-Creation Delivery’, those experts who have paid for the vehicle in full are to be “trained to use their vehicle” from the end of May. However, they will not actually receive their FF 91 until the beginning of phase 2 – which is scheduled to start at the end of the second quarter.

However, the future of the company is still not completely secure: as the statement continues, the third phase (when private customers from the ‘Spire’ programme can also receive their FF 91) will only start if Faraday Future receives “sufficient financing” in time. The exact amount of funding required is not specified. But elsewhere in the memo it says that the company expects “to require significant additional funding to launch the second and third phases”.

It was only a few weeks ago that the company was able to secure the $135 million (126 million euros) in capital it lacked at the time to even be able to start production in March. Due to various financial problems, the start of production has been delayed by a total of five years – originally, the battery-electric car was supposed to roll off the production line in 2018.


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