Octopus offers UK drivers Plug&Charge


In the UK, the Octopus Energy roaming service Electroverse is now offering drivers Plug&Charge technology.

Octopus now says that its roaming network called Electroverse has surpassed the 40,000 charge-point mark globally from over 460 different charge point brands. These will now be available with Plug&Charge technology so that drivers do not need charging cards, an app or website for charging and billing processes.

Plug&Charge enables communication with secure verification (through its standard ISO 15118) between enabled electric vehicles and charge points. ISO 15118 not only makes identification and payment possible, but also, where needed, it means that electric vehicles can feed energy back to the grid (V2G) or home (V2X), which can help stabilise electricity grids at peak times or power homes in blackouts.

Matt Davies, Director of Octopus Electroverse says “This Plug & Charge milestone shows how technology delivers better electric vehicle charging. It provides a roadmap for the future of seamless public charging – and we’ve got big plans to roll it out further. We’re making it easier for car manufacturers and charging networks to support Plug & Charge and create a simpler experience for EV drivers.”


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