Meet Luvly that wants to be known as the Ikea of tiny electric cars

From Sweden comes a new startup called Luvly that describes itself as the Ikea of tiny electric cars. The microcar company is indeed already working on its first model and says it will be delivered in flat-packs, however, not for customer assembly.

Instead, all parts will go to micro-factories to be set up in target markets. Still, this is stuff for the future. Luvly, which derives its name not from Lovely but LUV for ‘Light Urban Vehicle’, has presented its first tiny light electric vehicle.

The Luvly O, an electric two-seater, weighs less than 400 kilos and measures no more than 2,70 m in length and 1,53 in width at a height of 1,44m. It is clearly made for urbanites, not only in size but also the performance, geared towards efficiency and ease of use rather than power.

Luvly says its tiny EV only uses 6 kWh per 100 kilometres (or 60Wh/km), with power coming from two exchangeable battery modules, each weighing 15 kilograms. That is the weight of a full cabin bag, so it should be easy enough to remove the packs and charge them at home should there be no other outlet available. Full batteries allow a range of up to 100 kilometres, according to Luvly. The top speed is set at 90 kph or 55 mph, so enough for any city centre and a quick run on an innercity highway. The trunk holds 267 litres, around nine cubic feet.

As for safety – sitting in a tiny car surrounded by heavy SUVs can be no small feat these days – yet the Swedish company says it will use a sandwich-structure composite to form a safety shell with energy-absorbing foam material. Luvly calls it “slow formula racing tech.”

The specs also adhere to European quadricycle regulations, so Luvly is taking a road travelled by the Renault Twizy or Microlino before, but homologation is always subject to change.

Still, despite its lower spec, the price tag of 10,000 euros will bring the Luvly O well within buying range for many city dwellers, and the Luvly O surely is pretty cute.

Luvly from cradle to grave

Luvly adds they want to organise production in a particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. The mini-cars will initially be manufactured at a central facility and transported in individual parts, the flat-packs mentioned at the beginning. The company expects this to enable them to pack parts for 20 full cars in one shipping container, while micro factories should be easier to set up and save further logistics.

The parts are also recyclable, and Luvly claims their vehicle saves up to 80% energy during production as well as in the operation compared to conventional (full-size) cars.

While Luvly has yet to publish any production schedule or actually build a factory or series tiny car, the company has ambitions. Luvly CEO Håkan Lutz founded the company on the belief that cars need to be smaller, especially in Sweden. He is almost two metres tall but says he fits the micro EV just fine.

In addition to the four-wheeled two-seater, Luvly is also looking to develop a sporty buggy trike and a small van with the same production and logistics concept.

The website shows no pre-order option but an email sign-up to follow the journey, so Luvly.,


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