Deutsche Telekom installs 200th fast charging site

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom has put its 200th public fast-charging site into operation. The site in Lemgo in the mid-northwest of the country has six charging points at two DC charging posts that offer up to 200 kW of charging power.

Deutsche Telekom is using the existing infrastructure of its properties to expand the number of charging points. The telecommunications company began building its nationwide network of up to 12,000 public charging stations in the latter half of 2018. Of these, around 500 were planned as fast charging stations.

Telekom’s interim milestone now only refers to fast-charging locations, which do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the overall number of fast-charging stations or charging points. Instead, the Group emphasizes the advantages of rolling out at its own properties, noting that there is often no need for additional construction work since power and data lines are already in place. The German company says that the publicly accessible DC charging stations are supplied exclusively with certified green power.

The DC locations of Telekom can be found by means of a list. The locations are distributed among the federal states as follows: Baden-Württemberg (11 locations), Bavaria (20), Berlin (2), Brandenburg (7), Bremen (4), Hamburg (9), Hesse (7), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (4), Lower Saxony (29), North Rhine-Westphalia (21), Rhineland-Palatinate (1), Saarland (1), Saxony (40), Saxony-Anhalt (3), Schleswig-Holstein (13), Thuringia (14). Telekom also identifies AC charging stations in Berlin (5), Hesse (2) and North Rhine-Westphalia (3).

In addition to the publicly accessible charging network, Telekom is also setting up a charging network exclusively for its employees through its subsidiary Comfortcharge GmbH with “Charge@Work”. This will support the growing fleet of electric vehicles since Deutsche Telekom has only been ordering purely electric company cars since January 1, 2023. To date, this has increased the share of electric cars in Telekom’s company cars in Germany to 25 per cent, according to Group figures.


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