Going over 160 kph in an electric kart

Latvian kart manufacturer Blue Shock Race claims a new world record for the fastest production electric kart. A 25 kW electric kart from Blue Shock Race reached a top speed of 163 kph at the Gotlandring in Sweden.

Image: Blue Shock Race

The record-breaking vehicle is not an expensive special conversion, but a commercially available electric racing kart – so the kart does not have road approval. The idea behind this record was to show the possible performance of a “standard product”, writes the portal Vroomkart.

The drive is the “25 kW+ version” of the BSR 2.2 model. BSR stands for Blue Shock Racing. According to the manufacturer, the BSR 2.2 is a plug-and-play solution that can be mounted on any standard racing chassis in less than 30 minutes – instead of the combustion engine. The battery of the BSR B5500 model offers an energy content of 5.4 kWh.

Experienced go-kart driver Leo Orbant from Sweden was at the wheel for the record runs. The record attempt took place on the south loop of the Gotlandring over a distance of 590 metres – but not from a standstill. Orbant started already in the bend to come with momentum onto the straight that was 615 metres long in total.

“This was my first experience with electric karts. I have raced internal combustion engine karts, but the top speed in races for those is about 130-140 kph,” says Orbant. “I have never driven a go-kart this fast.”

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