Fastned installs 400 kW Hypercharger in Hilden

With six Hypercharger charging columns with up to 300 kW of power, the "Seed & Greet" charging park in Hilden was already one of Fastned's larger installations in Germany. Now, the Dutch company installed five more columns with up to 400 kW each, making it the largest Fastned location in Europe with a total of 22 charging points.

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Fastned has expanded its charging location at the “Seed & Greet” charging park in Hilden, Germany, adding five latest-generation Alpitronic Hyperchargers. Four new charging columns were installed between the existing HYC300s and Schüren’s bakery. The fifth column is located at the very end of the row, meaning there are now three chargers that can be used while towing a trailer.

The five new charging points almost double the number of charging points at the site. It is also a first for the company and a record. According to the statement, these are the first 400 kW chargers that Fastned has installed in its entire fast charging network. The upgrade means that a total of 22 Fastned charging points are now available at the Hilden charging park, making it the largest Fastned location in Europe. In addition, Hilden counts 40 Tesla Superchargers and numerous AC charging points.

Attentive readers may have been puzzled by the phrase “the first 400 kW chargers Fastned has installed in its entire fast charging network.” After all, shortly before Christmas 2022, the Dutch company put the first 400 kW charging columns from EVBox into operation at the De Watering site on the A8 near Oostzaan. But that was a pilot project to test the Troniq Modular High-Power column. The five 400 kW Alpitronic chargers in Hilden are thus the first charging columns of this power class in regular operation for Fastned.

With the peak power of 400 kW, the South Tyrolean manufacturer Alpitronic is not aiming to charge one vehicle (currently, no series car sold in Europe can charge at 400 kW), but two simultaneously. The Hypercharger HYC300 enables charging with 2×150 kW – so even 400-volt models cannot always reach their maximum charging power. With the Hypercharger HYC400, parallel charging with 200 kW is possible.

“It is essential to always be slightly ahead of the times and to offer our customers the best possible charging experience,” says Linda Boll, Country Manager Fastned Germany. “Expanding one of our flagship charging parks with the latest generation of Hyperchargers marks an important milestone for Fastned in this respect.”

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