Electreon enters China with its wireless charging technology

The Israeli specialist for inductive charging is tackling the Chinese market as it signs a strategic agreement with science and technology association SITEC. The goal is to step into China's second-largest province, Shandong, before establishing a stronger foothold.

Electreon announced the strategic partnership with the Shandong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community for International Science and Technology Cooperation (SITEC) today and already laid out several phases for its market entry.

Starting in Shandong, a province in eastern China with a population of around 100 million and the capital, Jinan, Electreon will showcase its wireless charging technology at the Jinan Shandong Hi-Speed Industrial Park, which SITEC personnel will later use within the park.

Electreon will also integrate its technology into vehicles of Chinese bus manufacturer Zhongtong Bus to demonstrate it to customers and partners in the Chinese market. The Israeli company also plans to establish a Chinese subsidiary.

As for SITEC, the partners plan to install dozens of kilometres of Electreon’s dynamic charging system and hundreds of stationary charging stations. Several hundred electric buses in Liaocheng in western Shandong shall also become capable of charging without plugging in. In addition, commercial projects will be advanced throughout the province and beyond, Electreon announces.

In the third phase, the partners will launch an inductive charging project for electric trucks in the port of Weifang and integrate Electreon’s technology into vehicles of truck manufacturer Sinotruk.

In addition, the partners aim to attract new electric fleet operators and cooperate with OEMs to develop projects tailored to the operational needs of fleet operators across China.

Electreon reportedly runs “electric roads” in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Israel and the US and has recently signed contracts for further projects in Germany, a first project in France and another in Norway.

By entering the Chinese market, Electreon is hoping to scale production. The company considers Shandong province the “heart of global EV production” and a strategic market entry point.



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