License: Oceaneering manufactures and distributes ZF shuttles

ZF has granted the US company Oceaneering a license for the production and exclusive distribution of its third-generation electric shuttles to establish autonomous transport systems in segregated lanes.

Image: ZF

Oceaneering, based in Houston, Texas, has been working closely with ZF’s wholly-owned subsidiary 2getthere on the design and development of automated shuttle systems for more than 30 years. In the past, the companies developed automated vehicles for passenger transport for amusement and theme parks. In the coming years, a four-digit number of so-called Group Rapid Transport shuttles (GRT) of the third generation will be delivered first to customers in North America and Europe.

The licensing agreement does not come as a complete surprise. As early as the summer of 2022, there were reports that the supplier wanted to part with the business unit – or at least look for another shareholder. ZF already relies on a partnership with US mobility provider Beep for its second generation of People Mover, unveiled at CES at the beginning of the year.

Commenting on the agreement, which has now been made public, the Friedrichshafen-based company said it was combining Oceaneering’s engineering, manufacturing and integration expertise with its own know-how in developing the core functions required for autonomous driving. “This partnership is a logical and important step in the right direction towards our goal of a clean and safe mobility that is automated, comfortable and affordable, for everyone and everywhere. For shaping urban mobility of the future, autonomous shuttles are a key answer to reduce traffic, number of vehicles and emissions,” says Alexander Makowski, Senior Vice President Product Line Autonomous Mobility at ZF.

Oceaneering says it wants to help companies and municipalities improve their mobility ecosystem. It is already working with ZF to implement specific projects for airports and theme parks. “Leveraging our proven technology delivery expertise, Oceaneering can further build upon our three-decade-long relationship with ZF to offer complete, integrated technology systems projects for our customers. With our state-of-the-art production, integration, and testing facilities, Oceaneering serves as the glue that brings whole projects together, ensuring that all customer requirements and regulations are met and delivered to expectations,” says Dave Mauck, Vice President and General Manager at Oceaneering Entertainment Systems.

The third generation of the GRT has been in operation in Rotterdam since 2022. According to ZF, “With over 100 million autonomously driven kilometres in real traffic, more than 14 million passengers transported, and an uptime performance of over 99 per cent, [3rd generation of the GRT] is considered the world’s most experienced autonomous transport system.”


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