EVgo will prefabricate charging sites

The scalable model is said to save time and money when constructing new EV charging sites. First projects are already underway, with more sites to follow across the US in 2024.

Image: EVgo

EVgo will offer a scalable design for fast-charging locations, starting with six fast chargers. The so-called “prefabrication approach” for installing new EV chargers could cut installation time in half and – for eligible sites – reduce construction costs by up to 15 per cent, the company says.

The prefabricated structure will also have room to accommodate things such as WiFi, lighting, security cameras and even canopies to offer shade on sunny days and shield drivers from inclement weather.”

“Through prefabrication, all charging equipment—including dispensers, power cabinets and any additional necessary equipment—is assembled in a single base frame before being shipped to the fast charging site,” EVgo explains in its press release.

EVgo will begin constructing its first prefabrication project in Texas this month. Other sites are located in Florida, Nebraska, and North Carolina and will expand to additional sites next year.

“There are roughly 30,000 fast chargers in the US today, and by 2030, industry analysts estimate we’ll need more than 300,000. Innovations like this prefabrication model are critical to scale EVgo’s network and build the infrastructure needed to meet the growing demand for public charging,” says Dennis Kish, EVgo COO. “Prefabricated stations can not only help us save time and cut costs, but also elevate the customer experience by providing popular features drivers want.”


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about „EVgo will prefabricate charging sites“
03.11.2023 um 13:50
Great to see they decided to copy something Tesla has been doing since April 2021. Hopefully it helps accelerate the deployment of needed charging infrastructure.

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