GoFast to install HPC at Aldi Suisse stores

In Switzerland, fast-charging provider GoFast is installing HPC columns in around 150 of the current 240 Aldi Suisse stores. Installations are set to begin in summer 2024.


GoFast initially plans to install eight charging points at each Aldi Suisse store, which can be expanded to 16 charging points depending on the branch. Charging capacities of up to 300 kilowatts will be available per charging point. Images provided by the company show four Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC300s (with eight charging points) in front of an Aldi store.

Whether GoFast will rely exclusively on the Hypercharger or other HPCs will also be used is unclear. GoFast has so far mainly installed charging stations from the Swiss manufacturer EVTEC.  EVTEC was a founding member of GoFast but sold its shares to majority shareholder Energie 360° in June 2022.

With the HPC offer, GoFast and Aldi also want to address the customer group of drivers of electric cars who do not have charging facilities at home or work – in this performance class, a lot of range can be recharged during a typical shopping trip. The wide range of charging points should also ensure “that customers can always count on a free charging point when they visit Aldi”, according to GoFast. Payment is made by credit card or the usual charging cards and apps.



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