Power Electronics and Jabil build fast charger for the US

The two companies are teaming up to manufacture the NEVI-compliant DC fast charger NB400, which delivers up to 400 kW. Production is scheduled to kick off in September 2024.

Image: Power Electronics

Power Electronics’ DC charger will be built at Jabil’s manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah. According to a short press release, it will be available “for distribution across the US through Power Electronics’ well-established network of partners and distributors starting in October 2024.”

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the USA. By combining Power Electronics’ expertise in DC fast charger development with Jabil’s exceptional manufacturing capabilities, we are poised to deliver a game-changing product that meets the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market,” says David Salvo, CEO at Power Electronics.

According to the company’s website, Power Electronics already offer the NBi 360, which delivers (in line with its name) up to 360 kW and can charge up to six vehicles simultaneously. 

Source: Infos per mail, power-electronics.com


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