Xpeng unveils X9 electric van

The presale has kicked off in China, where the seven-seater is available from 388,000 yuan (or 53,540 dollars). First deliveries are scheduled for January 2024.

Image: Xpeng

As previously leaked, the Xpeng X9 will be available in three variants: two with a 235 kW electric motor in the front and an all-wheel drive with an additional 135 kW electric motor in the rear. The single-engine variants will use LFP cells from Eve Energy with a capacity of 84.5 kWh and 101.5 kWh, while the second front-wheel-drive model and the all-wheel-drive variant will use NMC cells from CALB with a 101.5 kWh capacity.

The Xpeng X9 sits on the SEPA 2.0 architecture, which supports rear-axle steering. Therefore, the EV has a tight turning radius of just 10.8 meters. The car itself measures 5293/1988/1785 mm, while the wheelbase measures 3160mm.

Previous reports also unveiled that the X9 will have a range of up to 702 kilometres. The smaller variants have ranges of up to 610 and 640 kilometres.

Customers can now pre-order the electric van in China for a deposit of 2,000 yuan (about 280 dollars). In return, they will get a 5,000 yuan discount and other perks, such as a lifetime warranty. Others will be made public with the official sales start. The latter is scheduled for December, while the first units will be handed over to customers in January.

The X9 is Xpeng’s seventh model and the first in the new X series. Xpeng’s previous models fall under the P series for sedans and G series for SUVs. However, it is unclear whether the X9 will also come to Europe. So far, the company has yet to comment on whether the electric van will be sold outside China at all.

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