Electric shoes with walking support – for 1,300 euros

If you have ever felt the desire to get around faster on foot, then Moonwalkers might be something for you. These were developed by the company Shift Robotics and work in a similar way to a pedelec drive, meaning with electric pedal or, in this case, walking support.

Image: Shift Robotics

The Moonwalkers, which are equipped with wheels, are strapped under normal shoes and use electricity and artificial intelligence to support walking. According to the company, you need fewer steps than usual to get from A to B – and can travel at up to seven miles per hour, i.e. around 11 km/h. According to Shift Robotics, the battery can be charged within 90 minutes and lasts for a distance of five to seven miles (eight to eleven kilometres).

However, the price for the Moonwalkers is just under 1,300 euros. For this, you not only get innovative overshoes, but also an award-winning piece of technology: Time magazine voted the Moonwalkers one of the 200 best inventions of 2023.

“We knew we were onto something when we unveiled our Kickstarter campaign last fall and saw the great response we got from prospective owners, the media, and influencers,” said Xunjie Zhang , CEO and founder of Shift Robotics and lead inventor of the Moonwalkers . “But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that someday I would invent a product that would be named by TIME as one of the best inventions of the year.”



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