UK to invest £70 million in rapid charging pilot scheme

UK Transport secretary Mark Harper has announced a new £70 million pilot scheme to boost the number of ultra-rapid EV charge points at motorway services and spark private investment.

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Harper laid out plans for up to 10 trial sites in England with boosted electrical network capacity – ensuring electricity network capacity is future-proofed for at least 10 years, to 2035. The rapid charge point announcement, which is part of the government’s rapid charging fund, will cover some of the costs of upgrading the electricity grid at successful motorway service areas, ensuring that the private sector can continue expanding the charging network.

“This government is on the side of drivers and working with the private sector to provide robust chargepoint infrastructure is part of our Plan for Drivers, with today’s announcement paving the way for more ultra-rapid chargepoints,” said UK Transport Secretary Mark Harper, adding: “This £70 million pilot scheme is the starting point and sends a message to consumers and industry that we are investing wisely and rapidly to grow the future of transport in the UK.”

At the same time, the UK and the US announced plans to announce a competition to develop green shipping corridors between both countries. “Green shipping corridors will play an important part in decarbonising shipping, especially on major routes such as the UK and US. To be successful, they require dedicated infrastructure across the corridor to ensure that vessels can access low and zero emission fuels, as well as facilities such as shoreside power. We look forward to working with the UK and US governments, as well as those involved in the competition, to turn this project into a blueprint for how to create a successful green corridor,” explained UK Chamber of Shipping CEO, Sarah Treseder.


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