Michigan government to electrify fleet by 2040

All state government vehicles in Michigan must be electric by 2040 after Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive directive mandating the state fleet to be converted to zero-emission.

In the US state of Michigan, Governor Whitmer has directed state agencies to begin the process of decarbonising government fleets. Light vehicles owned and operated by the state must transition to ZEVs by 2033, while medium and heavy-duty vehicles must be decarbonised by 2040.

Under the new directive, government departments and services must prioritize ZEVs in their fleet, prioritize transitioning vehicles that travel the most miles first, prioritize transitioning vehicles in communities historically impacted by higher pollution, install electric vehicle supply equipment, including publicly accessible chargers, in high-density areas, establish clear exemption criteria for specific fleet vehicles and offer alternative emission reduction options including hybrids.

“Michigan automakers are on the cutting-edge of the world’s switch to zero-emission vehicles, and with today’s executive directive to transition our state-owned fleet by 2040, the State of Michigan is leading by example,” Whitmer said. “With today’s executive directive, I am directing state agencies to begin the process of converting vehicles owned and operated by the state to ZEVs by 2033 for light-duty vehicles and 2040 for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Getting this done will help drive demand of Michigan-made electric vehicles, lower gas and maintenance costs for the state since ZEVs cost far less to fuel and maintain and reduce air and noise pollution in our communities.” 

Departments across the state have more than 8,000 vehicles and currently, only three are electric. The US state is an important region for electric vehicles in the USA.

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