EV Connect open Plug & Charge for General Motors

Drivers using GM apps to charge their electric vehicles can now select Plug & Charge. EV Connect enables the feature for about 200 DC charging stations in the US, with more to be added.

Image: EV Connect

GM drivers can now plug in and charge their vehicles on the EV Connect network without swiping a payment card or scanning an RFID tag. The partners say they want to add more stations “regularly” for GM drivers throughout 2024. 

Drivers may opt into the scheme through a GM brand app to start charging by plugging in their vehicle at a participating station. The apps allow filtering for Plug and Charge-enabled stations when locating a charging port.

“This collaboration helps to relieve GM EV drivers from one of the most common friction points of the charging process, enhancing the EV ownership experience, and holds the potential to drive EV adoption further,” said Jon Leicester, Vice President, Head of Commercial, at EV Connect. He added the companies “share a mission to simplify the EV ownership experience.”

EV Connect is already a preferred GM charge station operator and offers advanced data analytics and 24/7 customer support to charging stations at GM dealerships across North America. GM drivers also have access to approximately 3,500 EV Connect public chargers. 



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