Ionity and Circle K solidify Irish charging network

Circle K and Ionity announce the latest expansion of high-power EV chargers across the chain’s rest stop network in Ireland. Ionity will add high-power charging stations at six Circle K sites nationwide.

Image: Ionity

At least two high-power chargers will join existing hubs at Circle K stations in Athlone, Westmeath; Gorey, Wexford; Cashel, Tipperary; and Kill North and Kill South, Kildare. City North in Meath County will see four extra charge columns.

The expansion will bring the total number of Ionity ultra-rapid chargers at Circle K forecourts to 36. 

In the coming 18 months, Circle K reportedly wants to roll out its own branded EV chargers across 30 new sites in Ireland. This represents an investment of €7 million, which will add to its existing EV charging network across 44 service stations on the island. The company’s existing network also comprises ESB and Tesla chargers apart from Ionity and soon Circle K columns.

The company only specifies a charging power of 150 kW for its chargers, but these are likely white-label solutions. In the US, for example, Circle K has started rolling out branded chargers based on ABB technology, which are manufactured in ABB’s new US facility. Circle K plans to equip 200 sites across North America with chargers by 2024.

Circle K has over 1,400 fast chargers globally across 300 locations, including Norway, Ireland, Sweden, and Denmark.

As for Ionity, the company counted over 500 charging stations and over 2,500 charging points in 24 European countries. In the UK, the company is also working with MSA Group for access to motorway rest stops.

Ionity is the joint venture of BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, and BlackRock’s Climate Infrastructure platform as a financial investor.,


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