Proace Verso EV and Proace Verso City EV are now available in the UK

Toyota is bringing two new electric vehicles to market in the UK, the nine-seater Proace Verso EV and the five-seater Proace City Verso EV. The carmaker expects to deliver the first vehicles to customers in March.

Image: Toyota

The Proace Verso EV is a shuttle, available with a length of 4.96 metres or 5.31 metres. It comes with a 100 kW electric motor and a 50kWh lithium-ion battery in both cases. That allows the EV to cover up to 143 miles (203 km) on one charge. The Proace Verso EV’s top speed is electronically limited to 130 kph.

Toyota emphasises that the battery is located beneath the vehicle floor, “thus avoiding loss of cabin space.” In terms of charging, the carmaker says it takes less than 30 minutes to charge the battery from ten to 80 per cent “using a rapid DC power supply.”

The short and the long versions of the Proace Verso EV are available from 42,998 and 43,488 pounds, respectively.

The city variant is a little smaller. Toyota’s Proace City Verso EV has room for up to five passengers and uses the same powertrain as the shuttle variant. Toyota does not specify a range for this model in its press release. According to configurators from other countries, the EV can go up to 275 kilometres on one charge.

Toyota offers four Proace City Verso EV variants: the entry-level Shuttle model or the Family grade, with body lengths of 4.4 to 4.75 metres. Pricing starts at 34,113 pounds for the Shuttle and £37,701 Family variant.

Both the Proace Verso EV and the Proace City Verso EV can now be ordered in the UK. Toyota expects to hand over the examples in March.

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about „Proace Verso EV and Proace Verso City EV are now available in the UK“
Peter Borg-Bartolo
12.02.2024 um 10:20
As Toyota have a good and extensive knowledge of FCEV technology (Mirai), will there be a hybrid FCEV/EV variant now or in the near future? This might help it win greater market share and 'push the envelope out'.

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