Wallbox kicks off production of the Supernova 180 charger

Wallbox has announced the start of production for its UL-certified DC fast charging station Supernova 180. This is also the product's official launch onto the North American market.

Image: Wallbox

Supernova 180 is Wallbox’s third-generation DC fast EV charger designed exclusively for North America, following the rollout of Supernova 60 and Supernova 150 in Europe. Production of Wallbox’s latest fast charger is expected to begin this month.

The charging station has its name from the capacity to deliver 180 kW of charging power in under ten minutes. Wallbox further specifies that the Supernova 180 charger has “broad EV compatibility and will be available with both CCS1 and NACS connectors over the course of 2024 .”

“At Wallbox we are thrilled to officially launch Supernova 180 in North America. With its high power, versatility, and award-winning design, it sets a new standard for fast charging infrastructure,” said Erik Fogelberg, General Manager of Wallbox North America, adding: “Having sold over 2,000 Supernova’s predominately in Europe, the most mature EV market, we are confident that Supernova 180 will help accelerate the transition to EVs in North America by solving some of the key barriers preventing wide-spread adoption, such as reliability and broad accessibility.”



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