Vauxhall offers new customer incentives

UK buyers can make significant savings when opting for a Vauxhall EV. The carmaker has kicked off a new sales event in the UK, offering an additional 2,000 pounds deposit contribution for its fully electric models. New customers will also receive one year of free charging at Tesco locations.

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For example, Vauxhall offers a 9,500-pound incentive for the Mokka Electric Desgn 139 PS, while customers opting for a Corsa Electric Design will receive 7,900 pounds. The Astra Electric is available with a 5,250-pound deposit contribution.

The event runs until the end of the month. The carmaker points out that customers can also choose a wallbox “from one of three approved national suppliers and spread the cost across the length of their finance agreement.”They also receive an Octopus Electroverse card, giving them access to more than 500,000 public charges across the UK and Europe.

In a separate announcement, Vauxhall says it will offer “one year’s free EV charging credit at Tesco stores” to all customers who now order one of the manufacturer’s electric models. There seems to be no time limit for this offer.

Tesco offers 2,700 charging bays spread across its 619 store locations in the UK. Depending on the EV location, drivers can charge with 7 to 75 kW. As part of the partnership, all stations “will be updated with a Vauxhall & Tesco co-branded livery.”

“In partnership with Tesco, Vauxhall is continuing to support electric vehicle drivers across the country, offering free charging for any new Vauxhall customer visiting a Tesco store,” says James Taylor, Managing Director. “We’re committed to electrifying Britain and helping UK motorists to make the switch to electric. We are excited to begin working with Tesco and look forward to seeing the UK’s charging network grow, allowing even more convenient charging solutions for drivers to make their day-to-day journeys.” (incentives), (Tesco)


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