Aptera Motors secures funds necessary to kick off production

Aptera Motors has raised over 33 million dollars in funding. It will use the cash to start production of its "first-of-its-kind solar electric vehicle."

Image: Aptera Motors

Aptera unveiled the ‘Launch Edition’ of its three-wheeled solar electric car in January 2023 but admitted it needed more capital to start production. The company then started the crowdfunding campaign and says it raised more than two million dollars just “in the last few days.” Anyone investing more than 10,000 dollars has a shot at “one of Aptera’s first 2,000 vehicle reservation slots.”

In March 2023, Aptera announced a pre-order for 101 of its solar-powered electric cars from SustainabilitySooner. The deal is valued at 3.35 million dollars. Production was initially set to start before the end of 2023. Also in March, the company received a $21 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to support the company’s vehicle and component manufacturing operations. 

But the manufacturer just now says it will use the newly acquired funds for the “initial phases of production.” The manufacturer adds that once “production-intent vehicles have been validated, the last step is to raise capital for the sourcing of tooling and equipment for high-volume production.”

“The Aptera community is full of pioneers, dreamers, and those who challenge the status quo,” says Chris McCammon, Aptera’s Community & Content Manager. “When markets were down, other electric vehicle startups were struggling and the few other solar EV startups that existed disappeared. We knew that couldn’t be our story. With the help of our passionate community, we’re building a solar-powered vehicle for the people, by the people.”

According to Aptera, the “Launch Edition” will have a 400 mile range and be equipped with 700 watts of solar energy. The latter should enable the vehicle to cover about 40 miles with solar energy per day.

“When we first launched Aptera as a solar mobility company, we were amazed by the overwhelming support from thousands of prospective Aptera owners,” states Chris Anthony, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Aptera. “With over 46,000 reservation holders, we are dedicated to securing the remaining funds required for scalable, high-volume production of our solar EV.”



about „Aptera Motors secures funds necessary to kick off production“
Mark Schwartz
21.02.2024 um 20:34
Aptera has been around since 2005 and has yet to get into production. Have you totally suspended your critical thinking skills?
Kent Lauson
22.02.2024 um 23:31
The first failure to the market will be a solid plus. The experience gained from the first go will serve them well on the second piece. Failure is never fun, but can be a huge motivator in the end. Scores of people believe in the dream and this time they will not fail.
Bonnie C Wood
22.02.2024 um 16:26
Wow! What start up did you create that seeks to solve global issues?
David Roberts
21.02.2024 um 22:54
It has been a journey with Aptera since the first rounds of funding to the most recent campaign. The money has been well spent and we are seeing production-ready vehicles on the horizon. WELL DONE both in concept and execution.Long live solar powered vehicles and the minds that made it happen!
Robert Yarrick
22.02.2024 um 01:08
Apteras owners are wasting to much time getting to production. Every day before production means money wasted to overhead cost.I often wonder how much salaries are chewing up Capital that should be used in production of the Aptera. I just wait for announcement of bankruptcy and the end of all our hopes of owning an Apteras. Again start making the vehicle!!!!!!!
22.02.2024 um 02:12
I just don't see these guys growing much past the 2 seater. They can't touch a $25k Tesla. Which will be incredibly efficient to produce and drive.
22.02.2024 um 14:40
Tesla can't touch a $25,000 Tesla either and they have been working on it for decades.
Christopher M Barrett
22.02.2024 um 02:37
This advancement will prove to be a game changer, efficiency, and fun to drive. Lasting longer with no rust, a vehicle that can make a lasting impact on planet earth, and those who chose to drive it.
Laura Kelley
22.02.2024 um 18:25
I totally agree!
Mark Finley
22.02.2024 um 03:31
I'm one of the lucky 2,000 and I can't wait for mine.
Arthur Busch
22.02.2024 um 04:10
Now that you have the money why not build and deliver?
John Lamb
22.02.2024 um 05:27
Way to go, Áptera! We are with you!
22.02.2024 um 14:58
Very hard to not wonder if it isn't somewhat a scam. The founder is known for failed projects in which he was the only financial beneficiary. The time frame for this is becoming ludicrous. The constant drumbeat of "production is just around the corner" for literally the last decade could just be a way to keep milking the "dream cow". Sometimes the best scams are the ones where most of the people aren't in on the scam. In other words only the leader really doesn't care if the product makes it to market or not but never shares that with "the team" because they are the ones unknowingly propping up the scam. Sometimes I look at Chris and think he is just surprised this thing has gone as long as it has. Maybe he is starting to believe it actually isn't a scam. But, it's right at that moment that these kind of things generally fall apart.
Berl Stein
22.02.2024 um 21:58
It's so easy to be a naysayer when you see someone with perseverance to work on a very tough problem, but Chris deserves accolades for sticking to his guns and bringing the Aptera to a pre-production stage, not criticisms. I am sure we will see these cars delivered this year or next the latest
07.03.2024 um 05:11
It is easy to be a naysayer, but there is a history of other failed ventures that only benefitted Chris. If he had been bankrupted in any of them I'd be less skeptical but somehow he skates away from failed venture after failed venture richer than when they started. I think Aptera is ready to implode very soon but I hope I'm wrong. If it does fail you can be sure there is one person that will hardly be financially affected
Chester Chanin
14.04.2024 um 03:41
I hate to say it, as I've been an Aptera fan for 20 years, however, despite the fact that I'm intensely uncomfortable with Elon Musk, it feels as though Aptera will do best collaborating with Tesla (with a watertight legal production agreement) to actually manufacture the vehicle, even if that requires that the company is wholly sold to Tesla.

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