Delta presents 500 kW charging station

Delta Electronics has announced the market launch of a 500 kW fast charging station called the UFC 500. It is designed to impress with a relatively small footprint and can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with 250 kW each.

Image: Delta Electronics

The press release even mentions an “excellent power-to-footprint ratio,” which is why the UFC 500 is an excellent solution for operators addressing “high-power charging needs and space limitation challenges.” However, other charging stations also offer an all-in-one principle with similar space requirements, such as the new HPC from Delta. Space-saving constellations are also possible when combining control cabinets with small dispensers at the charging station.

Visually, the new column is similar to familiar models such as the UFC 200. Still, the unique feature can be found at the top of the charging column, as Delta emphasises the new cable management system: a movable arm is installed on the roof of the charging station, extending the range of the charging cable by up to four metres. In addition to public installations, the charging station is also suitable for depots and fleet solutions for charging heavy electric lorries and buses, as various charging port positions can be reached.

Delta uses SiC semiconductors in the rectifier module to achieve higher efficiency. “Delta’s patented internal circuit topology results in a compact, lightweight power module, which even one maintenance technician will find easy to handle,” the press release states. Commissioning and administration were also simplified, making the charging station a “durable, long-term investment” for operators. A credit card reader is also directly integrated into the column so that the charging station can also be used without a contract in the case of a public installation.

The UFC 500 can also be integrated into the “DeltaGrid EVM,” the manufacturer’s energy management system for load management. According to Delta, it will avoid peak loads and reduce energy consumption. The company will also be exhibiting the new HPC column at the Nordic EV Summit, which takes place in Oslo on 4 and 5 April.

“The UFC 500 delivers ultra-fast charging capabilities and, through integration with our own EV charging management system DeltaGrid EVM and energy storage solutions, significantly reduces pressure to the grid,” says Vincent Lin, Vice President of eMobility and Smart Energy Solutions at Delta EMEA. “This powerful combination exemplifies the perfect fusion of EV charging and smart energy management solutions, excelling in performance and efficiency to fulfil CPOs’ immediate and future charging requirements.”


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