How can we achieve smart & efficient energy usage in charging solutions for CPOs?

At the Nordic EV Summit, Ekoenergetyka, a leading producer of high-power EV charging infrastructure in Europe, unveiled its latest innovation, a testament to the perfect collaboration between the world-class satellite Sat400 and the intelligent power unit Axon Side 360 DLBS. This solution is not only cost-effective and user-friendly but also an answer to the pressing challenges faced by Charge Point Operators (CPOs) today. What exactly are these challenges?


Facing the challenge of smart and efficient energy use, CPOs seek solutions that not only optimize costs but also speed up the charging process. Ekoenergetyka addresses this with a solution that integrates the SAT 400 satellite with the Axon Side 360 DLBS power unit, featuring a dynamic load balancing system (DLBS) for on-demand power management. This system combines usability, efficiency, and innovation, supporting up to six charging points through a configuration of one power unit and three user units. It ensures reliable power distribution and guarantees at least 60 kW to every EV.

In its Dynamic Real Mode, the system smartly prioritizes power allocation. If two vehicles request the same power, it uses the FIFO method, favoring the vehicle that started charging first. When an additional module is available, and the power requests vary, the system allocates the module to the vehicle whose need aligns closest with the module’s capacity increments of 60 kW. This strategic distribution ensures efficient and fair power usage across the board, embodying a balanced approach to meeting the operational needs of CPOs and enhancing user satisfaction.

Happy customers, busy hubs: the role of user-friendly charging

User experience is crucial for attracting clients to charging hubs, a fact recognized by Charge Point Operators (CPOs) focused on business profitability. Factors like location, pricing, and marketing matter, but the user experience often determines repeat visits. Ekoenergetyka, in collaboration with partners like Ionity and Orlen, utilized market feedback to create the innovative Cable Management System (CMS). Awaiting patent, this system with a rotating arm enhances accessibility, ensuring cables don’t obstruct or pose a hazard, catering to all users, including those with limited mobility. The connector’s ergonomic design, along with features like diverse payment options, aims to reduce charging times and improve the charging experience. These advancements by Ekoenergetyka aim to make charging seamless and inclusive, raising the bar for customer satisfaction in the EV charging industry.

Unmatched reliability: The backbone of Ekoenergetyka’s reputation

Reliability remains a cornerstone of Ekoenergetyka’s offerings, especially demonstrated in the demanding e-bus sector with successful partnerships like RATP in Paris, Stadtwerke Munich, and BVG Berlin, among others. The expectation for chargers to perform flawlessly, aligning with strict transit schedules, has honed Ekoenergetyka’s focus on service excellence. With 24/7 remote monitoring and a pan-European network of service providers capable of addressing nearly 60% of malfunctions remotely, Ekoenergetyka ensures its solutions are not just reliable but also backed by comprehensive support.

These functionalities collectively contribute to the profitability of CPO businesses by minimizing operational costs, creating new revenue streams, and ensuring high customer satisfaction through reliable and efficient charging solutions.

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