Ride-hailing operator WeFlex orders 165 Toyota bZ4x

The London-based ride-hailing provider WeFlex has placed an initial order for 165 vehicles with Toyota for the electric bZ4X SUV. WeFlex currently has over 2,300 battery-electric vehicles in its fleet.

Image: Toyota

While WeFlex already has a significant amount of electric vehicles in its fleet, the company plans to expand until it is completely emissions-free. In these efforts, the company is looking to ride-hailing competitor Uber, which plans to have its 55,000 drivers fully electrified in London by 2025.

“WeFlex’s commitment to bZ4X is a valuable seal of approval for the vehicle’s quality and capabilities,” said Neil Broad, General Manager One Toyota Fleet Services, adding: “Providing smooth and refined performance, spacious accommodation and the well-proven reliability and durability of our electrified vehicle technologies, it is sure to become a popular choice for WeFlex’s customers.”

“To significantly reduce vehicle-based carbon emissions, Britain needs more electric vehicles – and the ride-hailing industry is a huge part of that, with WeFlex electric vehicles covering 90 million miles already and counting,” added Nicko Williamson, founder and CEO of WeFlex.

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