Washington State announces new EV rebate programme

The US State of Washington has announced a new rebate program to help more consumers choose electric vehicles. The $45-million state programme will offer rebates to residents purchasing or leasing an EV from August.

Image: Ford

Under the new programme, Washington residents who earn less than $45,180 per year for a single person, or $93,600 for a family of four, are eligible to receive up to $9,000 for a new EV lease of three years or more. Alternatively, the purchase of a new EV or a two-year lease will be discounted by up to $5,000. Used EVs are also eligible for a $2,500 rebate on both purchases and leases.

The initiators claim that with the move, Washington is “the first state to prioritize low-cost leases as part of an EV incentive program.” Using advertised lease deals, and combining federal and state subsidies, the new ‘Instant Rebate’ program could make lease payments on at least four EV models less than $100 a month.

“Transportation is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollution,” said Washington State Department of Commerce Director Mike Fong. “It is important that people who live in our most-impacted communities, which tend to be urban and lower income, have access to cleaner transportation options, including the choice of EV ownership. These rebates can help many more people all across the state buy or lease an EV.”



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