Rivian to open its charging network to more electric vehicles this year

The US manufacturer has updated plans to allow EVs of other brands access to its ‘Rivian Adventure Network’ and showcased a charger prototype. Rivian designed the new charging column in-house and with various charging ports in mind.

Image: Rivian Automotive

This is because the new charger is taller and features a cable long enough to be connected to charging ports located in different places. Technically, these chargers will deliver rapid charging to 400- and 800-volt packs and feature CCS connectors and North American Charging Standard (NACS) with an approved adapter. Support for native NACS, also known as SAE J3400, will come with a future hardware update, so Rivian. 

This is in line with Rivian’s current approach to NACS, previously Tesla’s de facto standard. Rivian reportedly agreed to add NACS adapters to its line-up in exchange for access to Tesla’s Superchargers network. 

At the same time, Rivian runs its own “Adventure Network”. First envisioned in 2021, the charging stations were previously available exclusively to owners of Rivian EVs. Plans at the time targeted more than 3,500 DC chargers at more than 600 locations in the USA and Canada by the end of 2023. 

Fast-forward to 2024, and the company operates 424 charging stations at 70 locations in 22 US states – which also explains why hooking up with Tesla must have seemed attractive.

For the new Rivian chargers, the company also added a larger display and tap-to-pay terminal to enable use with or without the Rivian app. Rivian drivers will continue to have seamless authentication.

The company is building the chargers at its headquarters in Normal, Illinois. Starting later this year, Rivian plans for all new sites to use the company’s new charger and to retrofit existing charging sites. A trailer-friendly charger to accommodate towing vehicles is also under consideration, adds Rivian.

Paul Frey, the company’s Vice President of Battery, Charging, and Adventure Products, said, “Rivian exists to address two specific needs: the electrification of our transportation system and supporting the transition of our power grid to carbon-free energy sources.” He added that opening the network would support “both of these critical goals while also encouraging more people to embark on their next adventure in an EV.”

By opening its network, Rivian also qualifies for more national initiatives, such as the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI) and more state and utility programs supporting EV charging nationwide.

Only this month, Rivian received an incentive package totalling 827 million dollars from the state of Illinois to expand its plant in Normal. In addition to the R1S and R1T, it will produce the new R2. At the same time, Rivian put the construction of a new plant in Georgia on hold.



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