Galaxy E5 electric SUV revealed in China

Just half a year after introducing the E8 electric sedan in November 2023, Geely subsidiary Galaxy has revealed an electric SUV with the E5. It is to be launched in China and will eventually make its way to global markets.

Image: Geely

At 4,615 mm long, 1,901 mm wide, and 1,670 mm tall, the Galaxy E5 is a compact SUV with dimensions similar to the VW ID.4. Its wheelbase, measuring 2,570 mm, is also similar. However, Galaxy’s designers have gone for comparatively simpler proportions.

In terms of its technical underpinnings, the Galaxy E5 is based on the Geely Electric Architecture (GEA), which is derived from the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). The GEA platform is more extensive, however, and covers Battery-Electric Vehicles, Extended Range Electric Hybrid Vehicles, Plug- in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and green methanol powertrains. Geely claims that the GEA is the world’s first four-in-one AI intelligent architecture comprised of “hardware, system, ecology, and AI.”

Narrow headlights, additional, L-shaped daytime running lights in the lower part of the bumper, and a closed grille area with low-key signature “ripples of light” backlighting give the Geely Galaxy E5 an upscale look from the front. The Geely logo also carries illumination, enhancing the model’s road presence. The uniqueness in design isn’t that evident at other angles.

Strangely, the side profile of the Geely Galaxy E5 is quite reminiscent of the much bigger and more expensive Porsche Cayenne. The wheels clearly look inspired by the “Sanya” wheels of the VW ID.3. The large windows and gradually sloping roofline indicate Geely designers laid a strong emphasis on space and visibility, putting practicality above style.

At the back, Geely’s new all-electric compact SUV features a full-width tail light with a sporty design in the outer areas that almost look like slimmed-down versions of the Renault Talisman’s rear lights.

The interior of the Geely Galaxy E5, although not distinctive, is far more impressive. A minimalist dashboard integrates slim AC vents, a head-up display, three exposed speakers, and slim AC vents. A wide digital instrument cluster and a tablet-style large touchscreen infotainment system, both attached to the dashboard, stand upright in the cockpit area.

The two-spoke steering wheel features a particularly chunky centre pad and a flattened top and bottom. It features a raft of physical buttons, something old-school European customers will particularly appreciate. A sloping bridge-type centre console houses a large open storage area and integrates a beautiful knurled rotary dial, four climate control buttons, and a wireless smartphone charging pad. The front seats feature heating, ventilation, and 8-point massage functions.

Geely has yet to officially present the specifications for the Galaxy E5, but Chinese reports suggest that it will have at least one configuration with a 160 kW (218 PS) drive system. The new electric SUV’s battery cells will be part of its body structure, thus eliminating the module level.

The Galaxy E5 is planned to launch in China in the second half of the year. Geely also plans to manufacture the new EV in a right-hand drive version as well, and a UK launch is on the cards. There’s no word on whether it plans to start the model’s exports to the rest of Europe.,


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