Roaming platform Gireve raises 20 million euros

The French roaming platform Gireve has raised 20 million euros in fresh capital, which will be channelled into the expansion of the platform and the development of new services. In addition to existing investors, the US investment platform Partech has joined as a financial backer.

Gireve intends to use the new capital to drive forward the expansion of the platform in Europe and beyond, as well as to integrate new functions such as plug & charge and clearing. In addition, the roaming focus is to be expanded to include data and consulting solutions.

Gireve states that it is currently active in 35 countries and connects over 500,000 charging points. According to Gireve, partners, such as Fastned, Ionity, Totalenergies, and Chargemap, as well as customers are already benefiting from simplified contracting, invoicing and data exchange. “With this new round of financing, the company will increase the value it creates for its customers by accelerating the integration of new innovative services such as Clearing and Plug & Charge. It also provides the company with the means to finance its continued development in Europe and internationally,” reads an accompanying press release.

With regard to Plug & Charge, the French company had already published the description of the PNCP (Plug aNd Charge Protocol) for access to their own trust services in September 2023. This protocol makes it possible to implement Plug & Charge.

Eric Plaquet, President of Gireve, commented on the current capital increase as follows “We are very pleased to welcome Partech Impact as a shareholder in Gireve. The support of a leading investor aligns with our logic of global growth at this stage of our development. The strategic alignment is strong, and the values are shared. With this fundraising, we are financing our plan to improve our services continuously and offer an increasingly powerful and high-quality platform.”


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