Watford to further expand EV charging infrastructure

The UK's Watford Borough Council secured a grant worth £386,250 to set up new public EV chargers. These include 24 twin charge points and 40 lamp column charge points.

Image: Watford Borough Council

According to a press release by the local government, this will bring the total number of on-street charging locations to 115. Each location will be equipped with two to four charge points, “ensuring convenient access to EV charging facilities for residents and visitors alike.”

The grant money comes from the UK government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and the Energy Saving Trust. It will cover 50 per cent of the installation cost. The remaining 50 per cent will be covered by the council’s contract with partners Blink Charging. The total investment is thus £772,500. 

“The expansion of EV charging points will help people to switch to EV vehicles and improve air quality in Watford,” says the elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor. “Many residents in the town do not have driveways, so it is important that we have the right infrastructure in place. We are committed to making improvements in Watford to make this a more sustainable town.”

Just one year ago, the Watford Borough Council received a grant worth £592,500 to set up 79 new electric vehicle charging points across the town. In this case, the grant covered about 60 per cent of the cost, while the other 40% of the installation costs were sourced through the council’s contract with partners Blink Charging. The total investment for the new charging infrastructure construction was therefore £1.3 million.



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