eπ 008 three-row electric SUV launched in China

On 14 June, a new three-row electric SUV went on sale in China - the eπ 008. eπ is a new mainstream EV brand Dongfeng introduced in April 2023.

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At 5,002 mm long, 1,972 mm wide, and 1,732 mm tall, the eπ 008 is a large SUV. It has a 3,025 mm wheelbase and a 2+2+2 seating layout. It employs only one motor, which is located on the rear axle and directs drive to the rear wheels. Producing 200 kW and 340 Nm of torque, the motor is fed by an 82.28 kWh battery pack that can be fast-charged from 30 to 80% level using a DC charger in 28 minutes. On a full charge, the eπ 008 can cover a distance of 636 km, as per CLTC.

As an option, customers can purchase the eπ 008 as an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV). The eπ 008 EREV has a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine under the hood and the same, 200 kW/340 Nm electric motor on the rear axle. It uses a 51-litre fuel to run the engine and a smaller, 34.32 kWh battery pack to supply energy to the electric motor.

Even though the eπ 008 EREV’s battery pack has significantly lower energy storage capacity than that of the eπ 008 EV, it takes 26 minutes for a 30-80% DC fast-charging session. According to CLTC, the eπ 008 can travel 210 km solely on electric power and its combined range is 1,300 km.

The eπ 008 features slim, three-element headlights, an illuminated faux upper grille, an active air intake grille, powered flush-fitted door handles, 21-inch two-tone alloy wheels, and a full-width tail light. It supports vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-load (V2L), and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) bi-directional charging functions in both EV and EREV variants.

Inside, the eπ 008 is equipped with a fancy two-spoke steering wheel, an 8.8-inch digital instrument cluster, a 15.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a dual 50-watt wireless phone charger, and seats with memory, ventilation, and heating functions in the front. The second row also consists of individual seats with these functions. Moreover, the right-side seat includes a massage function and an electrically operated leg rest.

Second-row passengers in the eπ 008 can enjoy chilled drinks on the go, thanks to a slide-out fridge in the back of the centre console and pop-up cup holders integrated into the armrests. There’s also a roof-mounted 15.6-inch fold-down display to enjoy audio-visual entertainment. The third row consists of a bench seat, and while it isn’t nearly as fancy as either of the second-row seats, passengers occupying it get access to reading lights, cup holders, and charging ports.

The eπ 008 retails at 216,600 yuan (27,793 euros) in both EV and EREV variants.

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