Virta supports charging network expansion in Southeast Asia

Finnish charging infrastructure service provider Virta has partnered with Gentari, a subsidiary of the Malaysian Petronas Group. The goal is to expand the EV charging network in Southeast Asia.

Image: Gentari

Through its subsidiary Gentari Green Mobility, Gentari will use Virta’s digital platform services, technology, and industry expertise to support the development and operation of EV charging infrastructure. According to Virta, the partners will also work with third-party companies to ensure the interoperability of charging infrastructure in the region.

With the double-digit growth rates for new electric car registrations in some Southeast Asian countries, the demand for infrastructure is also increasing, especially for fast chargers. Virta says it expects the market in the region to develop much faster than it has in the US and the EU, “as there is a wide selection of EVs already available due to local and Chinese EV makers entering the market with affordable models to meet demand.”

“This partnership has vast potential to capture the momentum of the energy transition in Southeast Asia. Gentari Green Mobility has grown from its inception into a leading market player in e-mobility in only a year and a half, and we are happy to further catalyse growth with our market-proven, end-to-end global EV charging services and experience, including in Singapore, Thailand and Australia,” said Elias Pöyry, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Virta. “Our customers and partners will benefit from our ecosystemic approach in enabling faster EV penetration across the whole region – ‘Powered by Virta.'”

“I am confident that Gentari is well-positioned to be a market leader in Southeast Asia,” adds Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy Managing Director of Gentari and Managing Director of Gentari Green Mobility. “We already have a large footprint in the region and a deep understanding of local business needs and consumer expectations. Recognising the value of teaming up with a partner that brings global standards and industry experience, we see this collaboration as crucial in executing our plans with speed and scale.”

Virta is a platform service provider for software solutions for charging electric vehicles – with a focus on Europe. The Finns want to contribute their ten years of experience in the world of charging station software to the new partnership – Virta has also been active in Southeast Asia since 2022.

Gentari, on the other hand, is part of the Petronas Group and is positioned as a provider of clean energy solutions – for example, with the Gentari Go platform, which has been available to charging stations in some Southeast Asian countries since February 2024.


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