Wallbox Chargers to launch next generation of their Supernova DC fast charger

Wallbox Chargers has announced plans to launch the next generation of its Supernova DC fast charging station. The Supernova 220 will start in European markets, and features a 220 kW output capacity.

Image: Wallbox

Following the launch of the Supernova 180 charging station in North America, Wallbox is now gearing up to launch the more powerful Supernova 220 in the EU and other locations, which have yet to be defined, “to meet the increasing demand for a broader and higher power range of DC fast chargers.”

As the name suggests, the Supernova 220 delivers a 220 kW output, while taking up only 3.48 ft² of space, which Wallbox claims makes it “one of the highest power-to-footprint ratio chargers in the DC fast charging market.” Alternatively, the charging station can also charge two EVs simultaneously with capacities of up to 110 kW each. Wallbox adds that the charger “can charge a passenger EV up to 100 miles in as little as eight minutes.”

“At Wallbox our aim is to ensure that EV charging is simple and accessible to all drivers, which means offering reliable solutions that meet the needs of a range of locations,” said Till Wilmschen, Director of DC fast charging at Wallbox. “Supernova 220 fills the current need for High Power Charging sites, capable of providing 10 to 15 minute charging times for passenger EVs, as well as serving the high power charging demands at private and public sites for fleets, electric trucks, buses and heavy goods vehicles.”



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