May 11, 2023 - 01:48 pm

Tesla cuts prices at its Superchargers in Europe

Tesla has significantly reduced the rates at its Superchargers in Europe. Depending on the country, observers report price reductions of up to 25 per cent. In Germany, the price range fell from 52 to 59 cents to 39 to 47 cents per kilowatt hour.

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May 9, 2023 - 01:44 pm

Jolt gets $150 mn for battery-buffered HPC network

Infrared, an infrastructure investment firm, has invested €150 million in Jolt Energy to kickstart the development of its battery-buffered ultra-fast charging network across Europe. The money will allow Jolt Energy to build up to 500 charging stations over the next five years, with 50 of them expected to be operational by the end of this […]

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May 8, 2023 - 12:02 pm

Be Charge will build HPC chargers across Europe

Italian charging infrastructure provider Be Charge has secured more than €100 million in funding. The money will be used to set up HPC chargers in eight European countries by 2025, including in Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, and Greece.

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May 8, 2023 - 11:46 am

Technotrans secures deal worth millions

Technotrans is developing a cooling solution for the battery-supported ChargePost rapid charging station on behalf of ADS-TEC Energy. According to the thermal management specialist from Sassenheim, the order has a total volume in the high single-digit million euro range.

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May 5, 2023 - 03:24 pm

Sysco delivers visionary truck charging hub at Riverside, CA

Food distributor Sysco unveiled its vision for the ‘Riverside Electric Vehicle Hub’. Known to readers from a significant order for electric trucks, the new infrastructure will transform the company’s distribution centre into the “focal point of its electrified fleet”.

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May 3, 2023 - 02:48 pm

Plug Power presents stationary fuel cell system to charge BEVs

Plug Power is looking to secure high-power charging in remote niches of the world and has unveiled a stationary fuel cell system for charging commercial EV fleets. 18,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen combined with a new megawatt-scale fuel cell solution provides 60 MWh on site.

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May 3, 2023 - 02:33 pm

Circle K to invest €7 mn in its own brand of EV chargers

Petrol station operator Circle K is planning to invest €7 million in installing its own brand of fast chargers for electric vehicles at more than 30 forecourts across Ireland by 2025. The new Circle K chargers will expand the company’s existing network comprising ESB, Ionity and Tesla chargers.

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May 2, 2023 - 01:56 pm

New York City announces 13 new fast-charging hubs

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and New York Power Authority (NYPA) announced plans to set up 13 EV charging hubs at municipal parking facilities across the city. Collectively, the hubs will feature around 50 fast-charging plugs.

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May 2, 2023 - 10:02 am

Kostal Group takes over Compleo

The insolvent company Compleo Charging Solutions has found a buyer. The Kostal Group will take over the charging infrastructure manufacturer. All activities concerning stationary charging technology will continue under the Compleo brand name.

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Apr 28, 2023 - 02:09 pm

Canada to double FLO charging network by 2027

In Canada, the public fast-charging network for electric cars is to be doubled in the next four years. The charging network operator FLO has received a loan commitment from the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) to build more than 2,000 new fast charging points at around 400 locations by 2027.

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Apr 28, 2023 - 01:18 pm

UK charging providers set up lobby group ChargeUK

In the UK, 18 of the country’s leading charging infrastructure providers have joined forces in a new organisation called ChargeUK. The companies want to invest more than six billion pounds in developing and operating charging infrastructure in the UK by 2030.

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Apr 27, 2023 - 03:18 pm

Leoni focuses on EV charging cables in new division

Automotive supplier Leoni announces a new business unit. ‘Charging & Power Solutions’ will unify the company’s cable business and focus on electromobility. The product suite ‘EcoSense’ covers cables for all types of charging, including new liquid-cooled solutions for HPC.

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Apr 20, 2023 - 02:05 pm

Apcoa launches 500 EV charge points at car parks in the UK

Parking provider Apcoa says it opened its first Urban Mobility Hub in the UK. The charging hub offers five AC chargers (22 kW) and twelve Tesla Superchargers of the latest generation. The opening is part of Apcoa pushing 500 EV charging points across the UK.

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Apr 20, 2023 - 12:43 pm

Europe has over 450,000 charge points at present

Power2Drive Europe has crunched some numbers taking data from the EU Commission’s European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) as its base. At the end of 2022, EV drivers could access 450,478 charge points in Europe; however, the deployment is not spread evenly.

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Apr 19, 2023 - 02:29 pm

Ikea Canada expands EV charging network at its stores

Ikea Canada announced today it was adding 25 charging stations at five locations in Ontario and Quebec. These will join a growing network to be found at Ikea stores worldwide. The home furnishing retailer is also working to decarbonise its global delivery fleets.

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