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Jun 19, 2015 - 08:45 am

Supercharger with liquid-cooled cable, BMW i3 REx, Events.

Video tip I: How cool the new Supercharging with a liquid-cooled cable truly is can now be viewed in this video with a thermal imaging camera. The Supercharger can be found at Mountain view (we reported).

Video tip II: A road trip from Amersham in Buckinghamshire, UK, to Amsterdam, Netherlands in a BMW i3 turned out to be not too easy. Not only were the drivers let down by charging infrastructure but als by the car itself. Maybe the range extender kept them from preparing properly?
youtube.com via autoexpress.co.uk

Events for the upcoming week: Stuttgart International Summer School Mobility (June 22-July 04; Stuttgart, Germany) ++ Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (June 22-28; Colorado Springs, USA) ++ Energy Storage Seminar (June 22-23; Vimercate, Italy) ++ Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo (June 23-25; Amsterdam, Netherlands) ++ LowCVP Conference (June 24; London, UK) ++ FEAL² – Forum on European Automotive Industry in Lille Region (June 25; Lille, France) ++ HEV & EV Technology (June 25-26; Shanghai, China) ++ World Collaborative Mobility Congress (June 25-26; Innsbruck, Austria) ++ FIA Formula E Championship – Round 10 & 11 (June 27-28; London, UK)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

Sep 5, 2014 - 08:23 am

Charging equipment, BMW i3 REx, Events.

Study tip: Research and Markets predicts that the worldwide market for charging equipment for EVs will grow 33 percent per year on average between now and 2018. Analysts have identified lowering the cost as one of the main challenges.
researchandmarkets.com via digitaljournal.com

Reading tip: Don Parsons of Denver, Colorado, USA, took his BMW i3 Rex all the way to the top – a 128 mile road trip to the Loveland Pass and back. He described his journey and posted some nice pictures of is day – a different kind of technical report.
bmwi3.blogspot.co.uk via greencarreports.com

Events for the upcoming week: Automotive Megatrends Europe 2014 (Sept 10-11; Brussels, Belgium) ++ Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event LCV 2014 (Sept 10-11; Bedford, UK) ++ Market Status of Korea Electro-Mobility in 2014 (Sept 10; Berlin, Germany) ++ Global Cleantech Summit 2014 (Sept 11-12; Beijing, China) ++ FIA Formula E Championship – Round 1 (Sept 13; Beijing, China)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar


Aug 21, 2014 - 08:20 am

BMW i3 REx review, Chevrolet Citation IV concept.

Reading tip: Mr. C. Nicholson is well-versed in the EV world as he previously owned a Chevy Volt and a Ford Fusion Energy. He exchanged those for a German car and is now driving the BMW i3 REx. Obviously, he was not shy to compare it to the Volt.

Click tip: Take a look back, way before even the EV1, as before that car there was the Chevrolet Citation IV concept in 1984 and that is where the EV1 got its styling from.

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