17.11.2017 - 16:43

Alphabet adds FCVs to its fleet in Germany

BMW leasing subsidiary Alphabet Germany extends its fleet through acquisition of new fuel cell vehicles: 30 Toyota Mirai models are expected to arrive before the year’s end and shall serve as company and car pool vehicles in some of Alphabet’s major clients’ fleets over a three-year period.

17.10.2017 - 13:04

Tesla, Toyota, China, BMW, Hyundai, Volvo Buses.

Clouds over Tesla: Hundreds of employees have been laid off in Fremont and elsewhere after a performance review. While Tesla would not comment on actual numbers, estimates range between 200 and 1,000 people to have been fired with former workers claiming that those who attempted to unionise were targeted. The EV maker denied the allegation, and referred to the dismissal being business as usual for its overall workforce of 33,000. It may also be a reaction to massive problems with Model 3 production (we reported). On top, Tesla had issued a recall of 11,000 Model X recently.,,

Future mobility with AI: Toyota expands its Concept-i series with two more vehicles, this time targeting urban traffic including pedestrians. Build on the four-wheeled Toyota Concept-i first shown at the CES, Tokyo will see the premier of the Concept-i Ride, a small two-seater. And there is more. The Concept-i Walk is a mini scooter with three-wheels designed to roll on walkways. All three concepts come with what Toyota calls its AI Agent, able to engage with the driver. It reads facial expressions for example and also monitors social media and in-car conversations to “guess” the owners preferences and to start a dialogue itself. Do you recall Kit?,

This is it: China’s EV sales quota is out since September and details reveal a scoring system, which will take effect from 2019. The scores will take into account both the overall fleet fuel consumption as well as the sales of new energy vehicles of those manufacturers making at least 30,000 vehicles a year. In terms of EVs and plug-in hybrids, manufacturers must sell enough NEVs to accumulate credits higher than 10 percent of their traditional vehicle output by 2019, and 12 percent by 2020. Each electric car counts with 4.4 points, while a PHEV will be good for 2 credits. Those over achieving may sell those credits to manufacturers that did not manage to comply with the quota in order to offset the emission of their conventional fleet similar to the system in California. The other score for average fuel consumption of ICEs is calculated based on the number of conventional cars produced.

BMW is definitely getting ready for the EV quota as Great Wall now confirmed rumoured talks with the German carmaker. Together they want to produce electric vehicles for the Chinese market, under the Mini brand in this case.,

Choice of battery for Kona: A report from Norway speaks of two battery options for the upcoming all-electric version of Hyundai’s Kona. The standard 39.2 is topped by the bigger 64.2 kWh pack that is said to last for more than 500 kilometres. The 150 kW drive of the compact SUV comes from LG and is already at work in the Chevy Bolt. (in Norwegian) via

Volvo updates its bestselling electric bus 7900 E, that now comes with an additional battery option. Capacity thus reaches from 150 over 200 to 250 kW, increasing the range to up to 200 kilometres. Another range-extending feature is the new option to not only charge the bus via pantograph and the OppCharge protocol but to plug it into any CCS charging outlet, when the coach is parked at the depot for example. The new Volvo 7900 Electric will make its debut at the Busworld in Belgium this weekend.

16.10.2017 - 08:35

BMW EV Sales.

With more than 10,000 electrified cars delivered in September, the BMW Group set a new record. Within the first three quarters of the year, the German carmaker managed to sell already 68,687 EVs and HEVs. This figure even exceeds BMW’s total sales result in 2016.

10.10.2017 - 09:34

BMW, General Motors, Proterra, UltraCharge.

BMW to extend its Research and Innovation centre: The German carmaker intends to expand its development centre FIZ close to Munich by 50 percent by 2050. In a first stage, the company invests 400m euros in order to “create an innovative working environment for 5,000 employees by 2019”. The centre’s task is to develop next-generation drivetrains for BMW’s electrified line-up, among others.

Fuel cell platform for autonomous trucks: General Motors has introduced a flexible platform called SURUS (Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure) that is based on a fuel cell system with two electric motors and a li-ion battery pack. It shall enable a range of up to 640 km and particularly fit for military, cargo and public service use.,,

Electric bus drivetrain by Proterra: The U.S. manufacturer shows a new drivetrain including two electric motors for its Catalyst buses. The 375kW system called DuoPower shall be twice as efficient as its predecessor system ProDrive. Additionally, Proterra teams up with Belgium bus manufacturer Van Hool and supplies its battery system E2 to the latter’s electric CX bus line-up. Just recently, Proterra’s battery pack contributed to set a new world record range for an electric vehicle.

UltraCharge acquires IP assets from ETV Energy: For 200,000 dollars and up to 90m shares, Australian company UltraCharge has acquired new cathode intellectual property assets from ETV Energy. The Israeli battery specialist has created a high voltage LiMnNO spinel cathode that is said to offer advantages in terms of voltage, energy capacity and power capacity. Among others, UltraCharge plans to combine the high voltage cathode with its own fast charging anode to develop a new and improved battery.

04.10.2017 - 08:52

Fuel Cell StreetScooter, Nissan, BMW, Honda, GM, Ford.

Deutsche Post/DHL extends its range yet again with fuel cell vans to join the ranks of its growing StreetScooter fleet, which already has 3,000 electric vans in operation. The hydrogen version of DHL’s in-house truck is scheduled for a test run with 500 FCV to take up mail service by 2018. Meanwhile, regular StreetScooter production is to be ramped up as planned. DHL just acquired a second production facility that is close to Cologne and shall help reach the target of 10,000 EVs built a year, which DHL plans to sell to third parties as well.,

Nissan with longer range and bigger recall: Like DHL, Nissan has been making electric vans for some time and just gave its e-NV200 a range update. The new 40 kWh battery adds another 60 percent and thus enables electric driving over 280 km (NEDC). Over in Japan, the news do not look as good though as Nissan has issued a recall that affects 1.2m vehicles with the Leaf among them. Checks had uncovered a widespread mishandling of domestic safety inspection with uncertified employees overseeing testing. With the carmaker having to recheck vehicles currently held in stock and at dealerships on top, buyers of the 2018 Leaf will likely be faced with extended wait times for delivery., (e-NV200), (recall)

BMW i8 with double the range? As BMW updates its super hybrid with a coupé version dubbed the i8 Roadster, a battery update is imminent as well. So far, no technical data has been confirmed but BMW Blog reports the Roadster will hold twice the battery capacity of the current i8 Coupé.

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ecomobiel2017Ecomobiel 2017 – Ecomobiel has grown to become the biggest platform for sustainable mobility and mobility management in Holland. Take advantage of opportunities like new contacts, cooperations and participation in workshops and debates on different segments. Charging, infrastructure, Smart Mobility and LEV to name just a few. Visit Ecomobiel 2017.

Honda sports EV: Honda pushes for electrification and recently unveiled its Urban EV on a whole new platform so more models were to be expected. First one up is a sporty iteration of the supermini and a teaser photo is circulating. It does not reveal much but Honda said the sports car concept has “a striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces.” Debut is set for the Tokyo Motor Show.,,

And Honda has got another concept in store for Tokyo, where it will reveal the Riding Assist-e. The concept motorcycle does away with gyroscopes for self-balancing and uses robotic technology borrowed from the little rolling chair Uni-Cub instead.

Building up on existing EVs as well is GM, that just announced another two fully electric vehicles to be due within the next 18 months using technology from the Chevy Bolt. They are only the start however, of an electrification initiative that includes 20 EVs by 2023. At the same time, GM competitor Ford said it would quicken its stride into electric terrain and has set up Team Edison to deal with anything EV. Tasks range from investments over partnerships and cooperations with suppliers., (GM),, (Ford)

28.09.2017 - 08:58

Dyson, JSW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, OjO, Clenergy TeamArrow.

Dyson to build EVs by 2020: After months of rumours buzzing around, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer finally confirmed the plan to create an EV business unit, using its own solid state battery tech. Company founder Sir James Dyson says he wants to debut with an EV in 2020 and create a whole electric car range afterwards. The models would become “radical” different. Dyson intends to invest 2bn pounds – half to build the car itself, the other half to contribute advanced solid-state batteries. Currently, 400 employees are already involved in the EV project – among them also former Aston Martin manager.,,

Details about JSW’s EV plans: India’s JSW Energy, a division of the Jindal Group, and the Gujarat government signed a MoU to set up a new EV factory in Gujarat’s Surendranagar district. By investing 40bn rupees (approximately 500m euros), the company plans to build there up to 200.000 cars annually as well as batteries, storage solutions and charging infrastructure. As reported, JSW has scheduled the launch of its first electric model for 2020.,,

Toyota to produce hybrid powertrains in the U.S.: The Japanese carmaker intends to invest into five manufacturing plants in the States in order to build its first American-made hybrid powertrain. According to Toyota, the investment sum will accumulate to 373.8m U.S. dollars. The project is supposed to start this year and to be operational by 2020.,

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EVS30EVS30 in Stuttgart: New standards in electromobility: From 9th to 11th October 2017 the entire electromobility industry will meet in Stuttgart for the EVS30. Find out about latest trends as well as applications of the electric drive train – at the exhibition or in the international conference. Don’t miss EVS30 and also visit the co-located events BATTERY+STORAGE and f-cell.

Mitsubishi UK is introducing a scrappage scheme to encourage clients to hand in their old gas guzzlers (EU1 to EU4, registered before 2010) and buy a new Outlander PHEV. A new scrappage bonus of maximum 4000 pounds can be combined with the company’s plug-in car grant of 2,500 pounds, promising a total saving potential of 6,500 pounds.

OjO scooters with Ford genes: U.S. company OjO Electric has signed a licensing agreement with Ford to create six different electric Ford OjO Commuter Scooters, supposed to hit the U.S. stores in January. The scooters shall reach up to 40km range, a top speed of 32 km/h and draw visual inspiration from Ford vehicles while integrating OjOʼs design and tech.,

Solar EV made in Australia: Brisbane-based Clenergy TeamArrow has unveiled its Arrow STF model and claims it to be the first commercially available solar EV in the world. The sports coupe with two seats is covered by 5 squar metres of solar arrays with an efficiency level of up to 24.4 percent. The vehicle’s range shall differ between 300 to 400 km at highways and up to 1,000 km at city driving speed.,,

26.09.2017 - 10:52

Tesla Supercharger Shanghai, BMW.

Click tip: In Shanghai, Tesla is currently erecting its biggest Supercharger site worldwide. The Lilacs International Commercial Centre will host not less than 50 Supercharger stalls – that are 10 more than the next biggest Supercharger station known to date.

Video tip: BMW has released a new video clip, introducing its inductive charging system. As reported, the system shall be optionally offered for BMW’s 530e iPerformance by 2018.

25.09.2017 - 08:23

Ikea, LeasePlan, Norway, Japan, UK, BMW.

Ikea’s and LeasePlan’s EV strategy: 10 multinationals founded the initiative EV100 (as reported) and publish now step-by-step details about their individual electrification plans. LeasePlan for example intends to switch to an all-electric fleet by 2021. Ikea has announced to replace combustion-powered company cars at 355 sites in 30 countries through fully electrified vehicles and says it would expect that also from partner companies responsible for its deliveries. Additionally, Ikea wants to equip every store with charging stations for employees as well as for clients., (Ikea)

Norway launchs EV infrastructure programme: The Norwegian government approved funds to promote the implementation of fast-charging stations, according to the BusinessPortal Norwegen. The new programme will support municipalities with less than 2 fast-charging points by contributing 40 percent respectively 200,000 crones for every new triple charger.

Japan to relax regulations for H2 stations: Next year, the Japanese government intends to reduce regulations for the implementation of hydrogen filling stations in order to halve the installation and operational costs until 2020, Nikkei has learnt. The cabinet’s aim is to increase the number of H2 stations from 91 today to 160 in 2020 and up to 320 in 2025.

How to lower freight emissions: The UK’s government raises 15m pounds for domestic companies presenting solutions to reduce freight emissions. Roads Minister Jesse Norman says the aim is to support research into low emission technology for lorries as well as cars and vans.

Official provider of BMW’s portable chargers: AeroVironment has been chosen by BMW of North American to provide BMW- and MINI-branded accessory EV chargers. The system provides two chargers in one, enabling flexible dual-voltage (120 V or 240 V).

18.09.2017 - 10:25

Limit to state aid.

BMW has lost its case against the EU Commission as it tried to overturn a cap on state aid. The Commission stipulated in 2014 that BMW should receive no more than 17m euros to expand production of its i3 and i8 in Leipzig. Germany had originally planned to grant 45m euros toward the project, which BMW has managed to see through either way.

15.09.2017 - 11:23

BMW EV Sales.

BMW delivered 57,895 plug-in vehicles worldwide this year throughout August, 67 percent more than in the same period last year. Especially the new plug-in hybrids, namely the 5-series PHEV variant and the Mini Countryman found favour among buyers.

15.09.2017 - 11:03

BMW i Vision Dynamics, Supercharger, Events,

Video tip I: BMW’s i Vision Dynamics is nothing but a vision, at least serial production will not commence before 2021 because battery technology will not last for 600 km sooner, explains BMW’s chief developer. (video interview)

Video tip II: One finds Tesla fans more often in China lately, where the EV maker handed over the mic to its clients. 1,000 Supercharger shall come to the People’s Republic before the year’s end. via

Events for the upcoming week: IAA (Sept 14-24; Frankfurt am Main, Germany) ++ Urban Green Infrastructure (Sept 20-21; Malmö, Sweden) ++ International Congress for Battery Recycling (Sept 20-22; Lisbon, Portugal) ++ Hydrogen for Clean Transport Conference (Sept 22; Brussels, Belgium) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

13.09.2017 - 07:10

BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Volkswagen, Opel.

600 km range and a top speed above 200 kph, that is BMW’s i Vision Dynamics. Rather than the Gran Coupé being just visionary a EV, series production has been planned but not yet scheduled. In any case, it will sit well between the i3 and i8 and amongst the 25 electrified models the carmaker has promised to launch by 2025.,

All electric Mercedes: Long has it been teased and now it is released, the EQA, Daimler’s electric compact concept. It has an electric drive at each axle with a combined output of 200 kW. Range was given at 400 km, depending on the chosen battery that can also fast-charge inductively.,,

And the fuel cell Mercedes has been revealed in full as well and is ready to go on sale by 2018. The GLC F-Cell plug-in hybrid carries 4.4 kg hydrogen on board, enough for 437 km with another 49 km of range being kept inside an additional 13.8 kWh battery.,

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EVS30Baden-Württemberg will demonstrate E-Mobility expertise at EVS30: The State Agency e-mobil BW and its cluster networks “Electric Mobility South-West” and “Fuel Cell BW” participate in the joint booth “German Regions” at EVS30. The partners will proudly present the accumulated know how of the German South-West in the field of electric mobility solutions. Come and visit us at Hall 1, Booth A33. EVS30 will take place on October 9-11, 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. (Exhibitors at a glance – PDF)

Urban EV by Honda: The Japanese surprise with an electric concept for city-dwellers in Frankfurt and say a series version would make it to Europe no later than by 2019. Technical details of the litte four-seater are scarce but Honda has dedicated a whole new platform to it.,,

VW I.D. Crozz revised: Known since April, Volkswagen has further developed its fully electric SUV for the IAA, bringing it closer to the series version that is expected by 2020 (we reported). Its twin electric motors come with a combined power 0f 225 kW and VW targets a 500 km range.,,

Opel’s first PHEV: The brand based in Rüsselsheim is not dead but tries to venture further into electric territory instead. At the IAA, Opel now announced the Grandland X to become the first model with a plug-in hybrid variant. It will most likely borrow the drive from the Peugeot 3008.,

12.09.2017 - 07:12

Volkswagen, Daimler, China, Opel, Sweden, BYD, BMW.

30 EV by 2025: Volkswagen is on the charm offensive with chairman Matthias Müller promising 80 electrified models in less than ten years. This means that by 2025 every fourth car sold through the group could be all-electric, in VW’s world that means up to 3 million units a year. The so-called Roadmap E also earmarks over 50bn euros to procure the batteries needed to power the projected e-fleet (150 GW) and while VW remarks that this is the equivalent to 4 Gigafactories, it has not said anything about setting those up itself. Still Müller claims “we will lead the transformation” of the industry and that includes two entirely new electric platforms, upgrading plants, training the workforce, increasing charging infrastructure, and advancing battery technology and production together with partners.,

Daimler pushes electrification: Mercedes wants to offer electric options for every car comes 2022, CEO Dieter Zetsche revealed in front of investors. This translates to more than 50 models and includes the ten all-electric cars Daimler recently brought forward (we reported). The CEO also confirmed what insiders long expected when he said that Smart will become an all-electric brand in Europe. In the States, the take over has been completed earlier this year reportedly. To make up for its lower margins on electric cars, Daimler plans to increase its savings. (line-up), (savings)

ICE to go bust in China: The combustion engine’s days are numbered in the world’s largest car market. As if the upcoming EV sales quota would not be enough, Beijing is now looking to ban sales of conventional fuel cars entirely. The question is only when. The vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has not given a time line but predicted that “measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry’s development” – and those from abroad we may add.,,

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EVs are a matter of profitability indeed, at least for PSA CEO Carlos Tavares. After taking over Opel recently, previous plans to turn it into an all-electric brand were put on ice but now the new owner showed openness to the idea under one condition – they must be profitable.

Sweden works with incentives rather than punishments and just renewed its e-mobility funding schemes. By 2018, an additional 5bn SEK (over 500m euros) will help environment and climate initiatives along. Buyers of electric cars may thus receive up to 6,000 euros through the government and the initiative also includes light electric vehicles for which one can claim up to 1,000 euros or 25% of the purchase price. Solar cells and charging infrastructure have made it onto the funding agenda as well., (in German)

Get over the SUV hype: BYD wants to launch a couple of mini and compact EVs in China over the next two years as it sees demand increasing in towns and villages. So much so that BYD believes such smaller (and cheaper) electric cars will soon account for up to 75% of its EV sales.

BMW operates on the opposite end of the scale with its Concept X7 iPerformance ready to debut at the IAA. The extra large SUV will have a plug-in hybrid drive that could be regarded as a cosmetic measure. A series version may plow the tarmac as soon as next year.

12.09.2017 - 07:34

Germany, Urban Supercharger, Leipzig, San Diego, BMW.

German infrastructure: Round two of funding for Germany’s fast-charging corridor is about to commence with 100m euros to be made available. The tender will officially open at this week’s end and aims for 12,000 regular and 1,000 fast-charge points. (in German)

Urban Supercharger: Tesla wants more but more slowly as it unveils a new Supercharger design made for dense cities that charges at a slower rate. The new Superchargers are easier to install and need less space while charging at 72 kW at each stall, so they effectively reach a similar charge time than other Superchargers, according to the EV maker. In the wake of the Model 3, Tesla said it would increase the number of Superchargers to 10,000 before the year’s end (we reported).,

Call for free floating through Leipzig: Eastern Germany’s fastest growing city wants to start a carsharing pilot that allows cars to float freely. Up to 750 vehicles shall be deployed and at least one tenth must be electric. Manufacturers and providers are invited to apply but may provide 250 cars max. with the programme running over five years from 2018. (in German)

Public servants rewarded: San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) will offer 1,000 dollar rebates to teachers and first-responders who buy electric vehicles. The utility will use 500,000 dollars of its own shareholder money to fund the scheme over the coming three years.,

Manage charging: BMW’s Connected app will include new features from Q4 such as the BMW Digital Charging Service, which enables charging with renewables, or at low cost. BMW Connected already offers an overview of crucial data such as remaining range or the state-of-charge.

08.09.2017 - 08:03

BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, RedE, GM, Chery.

BMW strategy bullish: 25 electrified new models until 2025 and 12 of them all-electric, such is the battle cry sounding from Bavaria all the way to Frankfurt. Expect to see an EV concept on display there for which BMW claims a range of 500 – 700 kilometres. CEO Harald Krüger has just made e-mobility an “absolute priority” and his head developer Klaus Fröhlich was overheard expressing doubts whether Tesla would be able to offer 12 different models. BMW however is preparing to remodel all facilities so that they can accommodate for any motor set-up. The new models, including the X3 (from 2020), the electric Mini (2019) and the iNext (2021), will all run under the BMWi label. The overarching new strategy though is dubbed ‘ACES’ for Automated, Connected, Electrified and Services.,,, (in German)

JLR is increasing the pace too as the Brits renew their promise to electrify each and every model comes 2020, CEO Ralf Speth confirms. Demand will have to tell but customers may choose from the full palette ranging from mild hybrid over plug-in hybrids to purely electric variants. Already it looks like clients got a taste for the latter: 25,000 reservations for the I-Pace have reached Jaguar ahead of the EVs launch next year, Speth said.,, (video, I-Pace orders)

Range extended van revealed: Ford officially presents the Transit Custom PHEV and offered some details on its powertrain. The battery is supported by a 1-litre petrol engine so that the van has an electric range of 50 km. Development has progressed enough for 20 Ford vans to serve in a trial in London to inform final engineering before serial production is to commence by 2019.,,

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Electric utility scooter: RedE, an electric cargo scooter developed by two French men with contacts to suppliers like Bosch for the e-drive and Lenovo for the battery, has made its debut in France. It targets delivery services with its hold and exchangeable battery good for 60 km. Price stands at 2,300 euros and the firm says it has sold 70 so far and aims for another 100 within this year.

Chevy Bolt goes nationwide: General Motors’ has made its electric car available in all states of North America and thus ends the exclusive supply. 12,249 Chevy Bolt have found buyers since the start of sales in December 2016.,

Chery-SUV 3in1: The Chinese manufacturer confirms reports predicting three variants of its SUV, all-electric, PHEV and hybrid to go on sale in Europe soon after the IAA.

06.09.2017 - 08:34

EV Sales in Norway.

Norway’s PEV share exceeded 40 percent for the second time ever this August. The record of 42.4% was set last June. BEVs alone were sold 2,784 times and account for 20.8% percent marketshare. The remaining 19.4% are made up of 2,609 PHEV.

06.09.2017 - 08:02

Friend with a benefit.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has bought about 20 Tesla to give away to friends and business partners. Nice touch if they got time and not only money on their hands because charging will take a while. There are no Supechargers in Russia.

29.08.2017 - 07:25

BMW i3 Update, Ford, Smart, Sono Motors, Dethleffs, Renault.

Sneak Preview: BMW presents the i3 and its sporty brother i3s on our German edition before it will go on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The i3s will offer 10 kW more output and the Bavarians got a few more updates in stock. (all infos and pictures)

Ford under pressure in China: The American carmaker needs an electric car JV in China urgently, if it is to keep in line with the upcoming EV sales quota, and so Ford is speaking to three potential partners, apparently at the same time. With two of them, Changan Automobile and Jiangling Motors, Ford already has alliances but in terms of producing electric cars together, no agreement has been reached yet, China Daily learnt. Seen in this light, the MoU Ford signed with Zotye could be no more than a maneuver to take some pressure out of the negotiations with the other parties. In any case, the Ford-Zoyte joint venture will expire if they do not sign a definitive agreement by the end of the year.

A first sight: Smart wants to bring an autonomous ED to the IAA and has now released a first teaser for its electric concept car. via

Sono Motors seeks investment: The Munich-based start-up has turned to Seedrs and Wiwin for new investors to provide providing debt or equity. The plan is to start building their solar-powered minivan Sion from 2018 that shall sell from 16,000 euros, excluding the battery.


Electric mobile home: Dethleffs has made a motorhome that drives electric and presents its e.home concept at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Its base is the classic Iveco Daily Electric but with an 80 kW electric drive. Power comes from various sources including supercaps and ultra-thin solar cells. The main battery is made from Sodium Nickel Chloride and runs all onboard amenities.

The electric Twingo remains an option it seems. Renault UK’s Vincent Tourette told Autocar that the French would be ready, “when demand is there” and that the compact car had been built with electrification in mind.

Audi shuffles its board: Following diesel gate, Audi has appointed four new board members to take care of finance, distribution, production, and HR from September. CEO Rupert Stadler however will remain at his desk despite allegations of his involvement in the emission fraud.,

11.08.2017 - 07:09

Tesla, Infiniti, BMW, Volkswagen, Mellor.

Tesla truck platoon: The next Tesla revelation is around the corner and this time it will be a semi-truck capable of self-driving and platooning, that is a line of trucks automatically following a lead vehicle. The EV maker said they are close to testing a prototype and Reuters named Nevada and California as the most likely candidates for such trials. Tesla declined to comment.

New classic by Infiniti: Nissan’s luxury division prepared a retro-style race car concept for Pebble Beach. The Morgan-esque open-cockpit single-seater simply called Infiniti retro prototype is the brand’s take on what could have been hidden in a barn somewhere in Japan in the 70ies.,,

BMW brings its C Evolution to the States, where prices for the big electric scooter start at 13,750 dollars. It will first hit California but its launch in other states will follow later.

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BMW offers diesel scrappage: Following a similar campaign in Germany, BMW now offers Britons 2,000 pounds if they swap their old diesel for a BMW with emissions below 130 g/km, so that includes the i3 and PHEV models such as the Mini Countryman. The BMW ‘Lower Emissions Allowance’ includes clients that have owned their car for at least a year and the carmaker trust dealers will give a “suitable average price” for the trade-in.,,

Volkswagen is in the process to offer similar incentives and has begun to do so already in Germany. For the UK, a spokesperson said “We’re at an early stage at the moment but each of the Volkswagen Group UK brands will be considering the benefits of such a scheme in the UK.”

British electric bus distribution: German E-VADE has been chosen by British bus maker Mellor to become the sole distributor for Germany and Austria, where it is to offer the Orion E bus first. Other Mellor models like the Strata shall be included in the deal at a later date.

11.08.2017 - 07:06

BMW PEV Sales.

With 50,711 EV and PHEV delivered during the first 7 months of the year, BMW is closing in on its target to reach the 100,000 PEV mark in 2017. Already the current result means a 75% increase YOY.

09.08.2017 - 08:24

Nissan Leaf, EV Forecasts.

Click tip: Another photo of the upcoming Nissan Leaf has appeared in the internet – showing the model without camouflage, but also quite blurred. Besides that, a new video clip has been launched in Japan, putting the new Leaf’s autonomous capabilities into the spotlight. (photo), (video clip)

Reading tip: Exxon Mobil, BP, the International Energy Agency and OPEC have all something in common: They all revised their forecasts, predicting now that EV market growth will develop faster than thought before.

21.07.2017 - 08:51

Geely, Schaeffler, Hyundai-Kia, BMW, Nissan, Fisker.

Lynk-Co-SUV-300x150Geely, Volvo and Lynk&Co are about to establish a standalone EV technology JV in order to mutually benefit from synergies and economies of scale. In a MoU, all three agreed to share vehicle architecture and engines via cross licensing arrangements of technologies managed by the joint venture. Its headquarter will be in China with a subsidiary set in Swedish Gothenburg. Also, Volvo is about to take a significant minority stake in Lynk & Co given that they will share technology anyway.,

Schaeffler restructures its business as well to accommodate for what it calls “key opportunities for the future.” Electric mobility is to play a crucial role and will form its own division within automotive. Apart from concentrating all hybrid and electric vehicle activities in one unit beginning by 2018, Schaeffler also plans to set up a competence centre for all things electric in China. Meanwhile, the supplier has received eight series contracts for electric axles and hybrid modules from different clients worldwide. Automotive CEO Matthias Zink believes, “the sales potential of these contracts amounts to over one billion euros.”

Hyundai-Kia to double EV production: Once the all-electric variants of both the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro will go on sale early next year, the Korean alliance hopes to double its EV sales. In numbers that means 13,000 E-Kona and 12,000 E-Niro a year.

Battery upgrade for BMW i3? 120 Ah has been named as the next threshold by the BMW blog just a year after the carmaker introduced its i3 with a 94 Ah power pack. The new cells with 120 Ah could enter the electric line-up from 2018 and are said to increase the range by another 60 percent. It is currently about 200 km in real life.

One pedal for all: Nissan continues the tease for the next-gen Leaf with yet another feature that takes electric driving most seriously. The e-Pedal essentially does away with the clutch and brake as it enables full control over stop and go and fast and slow. Nissan claims that its release would bring the Leaf to a halt even on steep hills and that it will be enough to tap the lever again to reengage the electric drive. Those however that prefer to trust their long trained two-pedal instinct have the option to switch the e-Pedal off entirely, meaning there is a brake installed still.,,

Fisker battery details: The luxury brand disappointed when it cancelled the expected graphen-based battery for now. Instead, Fisker opted for Li-ion batteries and claims a range of 640 km. The cylindrical cells stem from LG Chem (21700) and work with NCM chemistry. Tesla’s Model 3 uses the same format.,

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10,000 BMW i3 in Germany.

More than 10,000 BMW i3 have been registered in Germany since its introduction in autumn 2013. The first half of this year was particularly strong and counted 2,100 sales, a plus of 155 percent compared to the same period in 2016. It does appear as if more range still means more buyers.

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Volkswagen, China Letter, Grohmann, Ford, Polestar, BMW.

volkswagen-vw-id-konzept-300x150VW I.D. to cost much less than Model 3: Volkswagen’s I.D. shall swing buyers with a price 7,000 – 8,000 dollars below the price of Tesla’s Model 3, currently listed at 35,000 dollars (approx. 31,000 euros). That is at least what VW’s chief strategist Thomas Sedran said at the Automobil Forum in Munich, thus confirming what Herbert Diess, head of VW’s brand management, mentioned already a few days ago, that Volkswagen is going to stop Tesla at the 30,000 euros limit. In order to put its prices that low, the German carmaker calculates with decreasing battery costs until market entry by 2020. (in German)

Car lobby sends letter to China: The country’s plans for an EV sales quota are worrying the lobby. Thus, the four biggest automotive industry associations have sent a letter to Beijing, begging it to rethink the plans. Reuters quotes the German WirtschaftsWoche which published parts of the letter. In detail, the four associations from the States, Europe, Japan and South Korea demand to change some fundamental criteria of the quota and to postpone it by at least 3 years. Given however that even Chancellor Merkel failed to bring about relief, it seems unlikely that China will be particularly impressed.

Grohmann cancels all clients except Tesla, that had acquired the German engineering specialist that is now Tesla Grohmann Automation. Previously expected “termination talks” with up-to-now clients BMW and Daimler are almost completed. Both OEMs confirmed the upcoming end of the business relation. Meanwhile Grohmann is about to finish last preparations to supply a new production unit to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada. (in German, paywall)

Ford plug-in van due by 2019: Ford updates its Transit Custom van and says it will launch a plug-in hybrid, too. First trials with the PHEV model are going to take place later this year with fleet clients in London, as announced as the Transit is the UK’s best-selling commercial car.,

Polestar’s 600 bhp Coupé at the IAA? Volvos performance brand will offer electrified sports cars under its own logo, we recently learnt. The first model could already go on display at the IAA in September. Most probably the audience will see a coupé equipped with a 600 bhp plug-in hybrid drive.

42,573 electrified vehicles of BMW and Mini have been sold in the first half of 2017. That are 80 percent more than during the same period last year. Plus, with 51,725 EVs and PHEVs having been made already, Munich is confident to reach its sales target of 100,000 electrified cars in 2017.

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LEVC-300x150LTC embarks on electric future: London’s electric taxi has been unveiled in its final design today and the Geely-owned subsidiary used the occasion for a revamp of the brand. Now dubbed LEVC (for London EV Company, formerly London Taxi Company), the firm hopes to extend its range beyond the British border and has found one new customer already. Dutch RMC put a pre-order over 225 so-called TX cabs in. Plus, the order books for the UK will open on August, 1. Nora Manthey was at the launch and spoke to LEVC’s CEO Chris Gubbey and Mike Hedges of Unite union of taxi drivers. In summary, LECV and London face three challenges: growth, competition, and charging infrastructure.
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Faraday gives up on factory: For now, FF has stopped its plan to build a 1bn dollar factory close to Vegas for good but still did not admit the final word may has been spoken officially. Instead, the ambitious start-up so unfortunately backed by financially stricken LeEco is looking to realise its EV production plans elsewhere and within an existing plant. If the grandly announced FF91 will ever become a reality remains unclear as ever in the current situation.,,,

Audi presents A8: The German carmaker has unveiled the next generation of its top-of-the-line model, scheduled to hit the shelves in late autumn. All versions will come with 48 volts mild-hybrid tech. That is until the A8 L e-tron quattro with 449 hp and a more powerful plug-in hybrid drive with the ability to benefit from Audi’s 3.6 kW inductive charging system is to follow.,,

BMW confirms its full presence in the Formula E from season 5, when it will be taking over the Andretti entry from 2018/19 onwards. Expect to see both Audi with Abt and BMW go head to head on the race course and it is very likely we will see some tech advances coming out of the box as well.,

Daimler invests in CleverShuttle: Daimler subsidiary EvoBus GmbH joins Berlin-based CleverShuttle as a strategic investor with a minority stake. The start-up operates a ride sharing mobility service in Berlin, Munich and Leipzig. Together the “newly-weds” seek to develop on-demand services for firms and transport associations.

First EV made in Mexico: Mexicana Motores Limpios presents the first locally made EV. The compact Zacua’s range is about 160 km. 200 units shall roll off the lines in 2018, before capacity shall increase slightly to 300 by 2019. In the next 4 years, MML intends to launch 4 more models and to export, too.

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Tesla, BMW, Renault, Brilliance, Poland, Audi, Bentley.

Tesla-Model3-No1-300x150First Model 3 is out and real and truly looks like the pre-production version. Elon Musk tweeted the premier picture from the production run that has just started on Friday. A colleague bought him the Model 3 no. 1 for his 46th birthday but the EV maker hopes to produce up to 20,000 units a day comes December and as always, the plan is ambitious and will ultimately influence the stock market. There, Tesla has lost its pole position to GM again, after slightly disappointing deliveries in Q2. (first pic), (shares)

Micro mobility by BMW: Motorbikes and bicycles are nothing new for BMW but this electric kick scooter is. Developed together with ZEG and distributed via Kettler, both bike makers, the X2City is classed as pedelec level, that assists up to 25 kph with a 35 km range. Expect a price below 2,500 euros comes autumn. Naturally, the stand-up scooter folds but its almost 20 kilos won’t be ideal to carry.,

Renault Brilliance: Renault-Nissan also ventures into old-new markets as it acquires 49 percent of Brilliance’s bus business to strengthen its position in China’s light commercial vehicle sector. The JV partners will invest a combined 1.5bn yuan (221m dollars) and most of the LCVs will be electrified.,

Poland on the offensiv-e? ‘Electromobility Poland’ is the government-led tender to make a small electric car in and for Poland. Projected start for serial production is by 2018/19 and the jury is currently looking into over 90 applicants. Meanwhile though, two more electric models have emerged. One local company is working on electrifying the Fiat 500, another on a van àla StreetScooter. (in German)

Audi FE takeover complete: As it takes over ABT entirely, Audi is now officially and fully involved in the Formula E. Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport is the current runner-up in the championship and the carmaker is working on new drivetrains too.

Hybrid Bentley caught: As the Brits work on their plug-in hybrid, it got banned on film – well, in pixels, that show the SUV Bentayga PHEV during testing.,

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California, BMW, Lightyear, Geely, SAIC, Optare.

3bn dollars for EV funding: To call California ambitious when it comes to electric transport seems an understatement, given that it wants to pump another 3 billion dollars into EV subsidies. The aim is to bring them on price par with ICEs but also to reach the Golden State’s declared target of 1.5m electric cars on the roads by 2025, up from 300,000 to date. The initiative is part of a new bill which also includes infrastructure investments with a focus on low income communities in particular.,

3 series electric? BMW may bring an electric 3-series to this year’s IAA, Handelsblatt has learnt. Its alleged 400 km range and positioning would place it in direct competition with the Tesla Model 3 and also makes sense in the overall line-up. After all, there has been no pure electric offering since the i3., (paywall)

Lightyear-OneTake on the future: Lightyear One is the name of a solar-powered racer conceived by former students from Dutch TU Eindhoven. The team had met at uni but have since formed a spin-off. Lightyear hopes to build the first ten units of the “electric car that charges itself” by 2019 with another 90 to follow at the end of this decade. The solar coupé stands at a net price of 119,000 euros at the moment.

Another bite of the cake of the future was taken by Geely that just bought Terrafugia. The MIT spin-off is working on a flying car but their TF-X is only half-electric and set up as PHEV.

SAIC in India: A production plant in India by 2019 is the plan of Chinese SAIC for its MG brand, which will reportedly launch various plug-in models within the next few years. A decision whether those will be build in India however, has yet to be made.,

Optare Down Under: British e-bus maker Optare is on the way to Australia at least in spirit after signing an agreement with Bus Corp Oceania (BCO) to distribute and service its buses in Oceania. In the long run, Optare considers to also assemble its electric models in Britain’s former colony.,

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Aston Martin, Renault, Seat, Kia, BMW, Shenzhen Wuzhoulong.

Aston Martin to limit RapidE: The British want to manufacture no more than 155 units of its all-electric RapidE from 2019. That is just one third of the amount announced initially. The reason is that Aston Martin quit its partnership (for this electric model) with Chinese company Le Eco due to the latter’s financial problems. Pre-orders with a down payment of 10 percent of the total 200,000 pounds shall be possible from August. The electric version of Aston Martin’s DBX is supposed to enter the market by 2019.

Renault-Kangoo-ZE-2015Pricing for Renault’s electric Kangoo: In Germany, net prices for the new Kangoo Z.E. with its 33 kWh battery start at 20,820 euros, the cheapest long version Kangoo Maxi is available for 22,820. For the first time, the French offer the battery for sale rather than lease only with its EV.

Seat to electrify its Cupra: The Spanish intend to create electric versions of its performance models called Cupra. So far, the Seat Leon is the only one existing as well in a Cupra version, but in 2018 an Ateca Cupra is to follow. Seat’s first EV model based on the MEB platform is due by 2019.

No electrification of Kia’s Stonic: The Korean car manufacturer denies rumours claiming an electric twin of its compact crossover Stonic at launch. Marketing head Seo Bo-won stated that there won’t be a hybrid version neither. The explanation is that Kia seeks to delineate the Stonic from the Niro.

BMW extends its U.S. factory: The Germans want to invest 600m dollars in Spartanburg, South Carolina and create 1,000 jobs over the next four years, BMW announced during its X3 model presentation. It seems likely, the planned X3 electric version will be made in Spartanburg from 2019, too.,

New electric bus for China: Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Motors has presented a 12 metre electric bus for the Chinese market. The Wuzhoulong F2 Felicity comes with a 250 kW drive from UQM and shall be particularly light and thus particularly energy-efficient.,

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Tesla, Audi, Schaeffler, France, BMW, Ford.

Tesla-Model-3-Sunset-300x150Tesla increases credit line: 800m have been added to Tesla’s creditline as the EV maker’s need for cash increases closer to the Model 3 launch. Deutsche Bank is the administrative agent of the credit agreement, which is now worth up to 2.0bn dollars depending on the option. On a similar note, Tesla wants to stock up its stores in Germany with six new locations planned for this year. German store no. 17 will open its doors in Porsche’s hometown Stuttgart next month., (Stores Germany)

New Formula E motors: Audi and Schaeffler will deliver the next drive for the FE electric racers over the coming three seasons. Their cooperation will include joint work on the electric motor, suspension and power electronics. Schaeffler has been the drive behind the Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport since season 2015/16 but with Audi joining the Formula E officially, work that had been done behind the scenes is to intensify and it looks like this is a real commitment, at least until 2020.,

France plans price parity: La Grande Nation is about to raise taxes on diesel to match those on gasoline, said Nicolas Hulot, France’s minister for the environment. Furthermore, France plans to quit exploring oil and gas as no new such permissions will be granted. (Diesel, in French), (Oil and gas, in French)

BMW presents next X3: This latest SUV by the Bavarians is build in Spartanburg and the 2018 X3 offers different engine options with the exception of diesel. Both an electric and plug-in hybrid variant are due by 2019.,

Nothing escapes a spy shooter and this time it captured a Ford Escape Energi mule sporting a plug-in port. The 2020 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid is scheduled for early 2019.

Maximise me: BMW i3 drivers in the States may soon upgrade their battery to 94Ah just like clients in Europe. The assumption is based on a pilot programme that saw 10 electric BMWs in the U.S. getting a bigger pack but it is unclear, when the option will become available to all.

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BMW EV Sales.

BMW sold 7,336 electrified cars this May worldwide, 73.4 percent more than in the same month a year ago. It brings the annual count up to 33,221 electric and hybrid cars so there is still some way to go for BMW to reach its ambitious target to sell 100,000 PEV in 2017 (we reported).