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Dec 12, 2016 - 09:32 am

Erik Jonnaert, Canada, Bertrand Piccard.

Erik-Jonnaert-ACEA“This regulatory uncertainty simply leaves too little time for manufacturers to make the necessary changes to the design of vehicles, engines, exhaust systems and assembly lines.”

Surprise, surprise. ACEA Secretary General Erik Jonnaert wants to push back higher emissions testing standards for the European automobile industry. He makes it seem as though these measures came out of the blue and that carmakers had no time to prepare in the past. Maybe they were too busy developing cheating software?

Justin-Trudeau“The federal government, in collaboration with the provinces and territories, will be making historic investments in green infrastructure, public transit, and clean technology and innovation.”

It’s not a very concrete commitment in terms of numbers, but it’s in black and white. In a joint statement, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the provinces First Ministers announced that they will invest in more charging stations to increase the number of EVs on the road.

Bertrand-Piccard“Formula E is for car racing, what Solar Impulse is for aviation.”

Bertrand Piccard, pilot of the Solar Impulse 2, says the racing series is showing off what electric driving technology can already due today, as well as making it more interesting to the general public.

Jun 9, 2015 - 07:52 am

Erik Jonnaert, Alex Gruzen.

Erik-Jonnaert-ACEA“Governments across Europe will need to increase their support if we are to see a significant increase in sales [of electric vehicles], both in terms of helping to build the charging infrastructure necessary and in influencing consumer choices.”

ACEA Secretary General Erik Jonnaert is crying out to governments for help as new negotiations on carbon emission targets set by the European Union are to take place. To reach those goals, electric cars as well as hybrids will become essential.

Alex-Gruzen“It’s like the opera singer hitting a note and shattering a glass. When you think about it, she’s moving energy over distance.”

This is WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen talking about the very same inductive charging his company offers. Honda is already using WiTricity’s wireless charging technology with a Fit EV at a demonstration project in Japan.

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12.12.2016 09:07