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UK, ChargePoint, EVCard, Seattle, eMotorWerks.

The electric bus programme in Britain is working as another 19 vehicles have been procured. Apart from the 24 electric buses for York we reported yesterday, Guildford, Brighton, Salisbury and Denbighshire are next in line for the 19 buses. The total of 43 buses is funded with 6.3 m pound through the British government.
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Worth noting: ChargePoint is thinking about an initial public offering within the next five years, also with the aim to expand further into Europe, its chief executive told Reuters. Already the American infrastructure provider counts Daimler, BMW, and Siemens among its investors (we reported) but would not say how much they are actually involved.

Electric car rentals on the up: EVCard, one of China’s biggest hourly car rental operator, said its now operates more than 10,000 electric cars in over 20 cities. More than 4,000 EVs are currently in operation in Shanghai alone.

E-mobile in Seattle: The Department of Energy (DoE) awards a 1.9m dollar grant to Seattle to support a partnership between the city and electric vehicle infrastructure company Eluminocity. The aim is to help increase the number of fast charging stations and use of ride sharing services.

Cheaper charging stations: eMotorWerks is making its smart charging stations 50 dollars cheaper. The JuiceBox Pro 40 and JuiceBox Pro 40 Lite are now 599 and 549 dollars respectively.

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U.S. Navy, EVCARD, capacity loss, London, Al Moumayas.

U.S. Navy plans electrification: The U.S. Navy is looking to lease between 400 and 600 all-electric vehicles for its fleet in California, issuing a solicitation. The lease contract will initially run for one year and could be renewed for another two years thereafter.

Shanghai get mor EVs for hire: Chinese car hiring company EVCARD (we reported) set up 60 new stations on the three islands of Chongming County. There, people can rent the Roewe E50 and Chery eQ, as well as charge the vehicles for free.

Cheap batteries stop electrification: Only four out of the 27 Electric Utility Vehicles added at the Grand Coulee Dam in November are still in service. The reason is an extremely quick loss of battery capacity.

Electric bobby: For six months, the Londoner Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) will test a BMW i3 with range extender in the parts of Greenwich, Bexley and Westminster. The EV will be used for regular patrolling and officers are asked to report on their experience on the road.

Hybrid taxis in Jordan: Taxi company Al Moumayas is ready to implement its recently announced plan to replace 400 of its vehicles with EV and hybrids. 30 hybrid taxis will go into service in the capital Amman before the end of this month.

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