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Aug 2, 2019 - 04:14 pm

Solid electrolyte batteries – the next big thing?!

Battery cells with a solid electrolyte promise high energy densities. Batteries in electric cars could thus become smaller and lighter – and the range could increase. Christoph M. Schwarzer spoke to experts to analyse the current situation for electrive. Whether and when all-solid-state batteries reach series production is an open question.

Aug 20, 2018 - 01:44 pm

FZ Jülich team patents fast-charging solid-state battery

Researchers at the FZ Jülich have found a way to make solid-state batteries charging fast. They claim their concept allows currents up to ten times greater than those previously found. The clue lies in choosing materials with consistently good compatibility.

Dec 6, 2017 - 07:22 pm

Lithium plating insights to enable faster charging

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Forschungszentrum Jülich for the first time found a method to investigate the so-called lithium plating process. Thus, new quick-charging strategies are around the corner.



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