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Oct 14, 2014 - 08:19 am

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Renault cooperates with Fortum to erect 100 charging stations, mainly 22-kW fast chargers, across Norway. The Finnish utility will be responsible for the installation and servicing, and plans to double its ‘Charge & Drive’ network in Norway, Sweden and Finland to 500 stations within the next nine months.

Schneider Electric in LA: Los Angeles County will deploy 82 EVlink charging stations by Schneider Electric. During the first year of the pilot programme, EV drivers can charge their electric cars for free for up to four hours. To date, 34 EVlink stations have been installed in LA County.

Gnewt Cargo electrifies ‘final-mile’ deliveries in London, ordering three more Mercedes Vito E-Cell vans. Those will primarily be used by TNT Express within the city’s Congestion Zone. Gnewt stands for Green New Transport and offers a fleet of electric cargocycles and minivans for deliveries in Central London.

E bus line in Berlin: In 2015, the German capital’s public transport provider will start testing to operate a complete downtown line with four Solaris electric buses. The buses are equipped with the PRIMOVE inductive charging system from Bombardier (we reported).

EV campgrounds: America’s RV camp sites are experiencing an unexpected revival, as EV drivers find their 50-Amp electrical outlets a welcome way to recharge in the wilderness. Ben Rich knows how to deal with this new breed of short-term campers.

Oct 6, 2014 - 08:24 am

Gnewt Cargo, The New Motion, CarCharging, Tesla, Delaware.

55 electric Renault Kangoo will now serve at Gnewt Cargo, which takes care of 5,000 deliveries a day in London. This was made possible by a deal with myHermes and with support of Alphabet, which was able to deliver the vans in just one month.

Europe on one card: Hubject and charging infrastructure operator The New Motion (TNM), which already has roaming agreements with networks such as Ladenetz or Smatrics, have now announced their partnership. That means that TNM customers now have access to all 3,000 intercharge-connected charge points, like charging stations from RWE for example.
hubject.com (PDF)

CarCharging takes over Houston charging network: The former signed an agreement with the Texan city to buy and operate Houston’s 70 Blink Level 2 charging points. These had originally been put in place by ECOtality. The agreement also includes the installation of another 20 charging stations in the Houston metropolitan area.

70 Superchargers in Europe: Tesla reports that over the past week, it added seven of its fast-chargers across the continent – one each in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as two in each France and the UK. That brings the total number of Superchargers worldwide up to 207.

Power plant on wheels: The University of Delaware’s electric fleet is generating cash by selling power back the grid. The nine electric vehicles are interconnected, forming a virtual power plant. The total storage capacity is around 100 kWh, which is the minimum required for such a project. According to utility provider NRG Energy, each vehicle could generate around 110 dollars per month.

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