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Sep 20, 2017 - 09:47 am

California, Italy, Porsche, Sacramento, Honolulu.

CA massively invests into clean air: Not less than 895m dollars shall help to further extend the range of measures against air pollution in California. This sum, approved by the state’s legislature, is part of the „California Clean Air Initiative“ and shall enable e.g. to create incentives to replace old diesel-powered trucks and buses, to grant EV purchase discounts and to promote EV car-sharing.
greencarcongress.com, businesswire.com

First BYD buses for Italy: Chinese manufacturer BYD has delivered the first trio of all in all 23 electric-powered 12 metres buses to Turin, after having won the tendering in September 2016. 20 units will hit the road in Turin, 3 close to Novara.

Porsche brings ultra fast-chargers in the U.S.: After Porsche has opened the first public charging site featuring its liquid-cooled 800 Volt technology in Berlin, six of such ultra fast-charging stations could now be erected in the States, too: Porsche just obtained a building permit at its headquarters in Atlanta.

Electric airport shuttle buses: The Sacramento International Airport can count on a 2m dollars federal grant in order to introduce a fleet of electric shuttle buses, delivered by Proterra. The grant will cover half the cost of five buses and charging infrastructure. Delivery is scheduled for next year.

Zero-emission buses for Honolulu: Also Honolulu won more than 1.4m dollars in federal funds to build up an electric bus fleet and chose California-based bus manufacturer Gillig LLC to supply the electric vehicles. The Hawaiian Electric Company will install the infrastructure for up to five buses.

Nov 19, 2015 - 08:41 am

Berlin, charging challenge, Evercar, Vietnam, Honolulu.

Berlin’s water utility added 20 Nissan Leaf to its fleet. That makes 10 percent of BWB’s fleet, not counting the BMW i3, which the company got for free. Before choosing the Leaf, BWB tested various electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. The EVs are leased for four years and were simply the cheapest alternative.
bwb.de (in German)

Ministerial charging: The U.S. Department of Transportation is the first federal agency to join the Department of Energy’s workplace charging challenge, aiming to provide 500 EV charging stations by 2025.
masstransitmag.com, energy.gov

Rent an electric cab so you can offer rides via Uber or Lyft. That is the business model of Evercar. The electric carsharing service is directed at freelance drivers and charges them five dollars an hour. The service will kick off in LA after the LA Auto Show, while Evercar aims to go nationwide before the end of 2016.
cleantechnica.com, insideevs.com, myevercar.com

Electric tourism: Two electric vehicles have gone into service in the city of Quy Hnon, Vietnam, to shuttle tourists for less than a dollar. Up to 12 people fit in the open carriers that can drive with up to 30 kph. The pilot service is one of several such initiatives in the country.

8 hybrid buses now serve on Honolulu, as Hawaiian firm TheBus adds them to the fleet. The buses come from Gillig Corp. and cost 700,000 dollars each. Yet, almost 83 percent of the investment is covered by a five million dollar government grant called TIGGER.

Oct 16, 2014 - 08:28 am

Tesla, Malaysia, TesLowJuice, Rome, BMW i & Soho, Honolulu.

Tesla charges China: Under a new agreement with Minsheng Bank, the California EV maker will erect 200 so-called Destination Chargers in twenty cities. Similar deals with China Unicom, Intime Retail and SOHO China have seen Tesla install over 400 charge spots in 61 cities, and 20 Superchargers in another eight cities in China, says China Times.

Malaysia charges itself: From 2015 to 2017, the Malaysia Automotive Institute will install 125 to 150 charging stations along the country’s highways and in the capital Kuala Lumpur. The government is ready to spend 150 million Malayan ringgit (about 46m dollars) on EV infrastructure. More stations are likely to follow until 2020.
paultan.org, home.net.my

Sharing economy: In the UK, owners of Tesla wallboxes are taking matters into their own hands. The TesLowJuice is a charge club via which British Model S owners can make their chargers publicly available. 50 chargers are already registered – 20 more and the UK is covered.

Leaf taxi in Rome: Nissan is working with a Roman taxi company and will erect a CHAdeMO fast charger for two Leaf taxis at the Fiumicino airport. Moreover, working with FCS Mobility, Nissan will convert a NV400 into a mobile charging station for the electric taxis.

Soho House and BMW i: The two enterprises have entered a global partnership that spans across Europe and America. The carmaker will provide guests and members of the Soho House Group with electric i3 vehicles, while also collaborating on cultural events.

Hawaii’s hybrid buses: Honolulu will soon receive four hybrid buses. They are based on New Flyers Xcelsior platform (we reported) and come with HybriDrive Series-E by BAE Systems. The articulated buses were ordered by the Department of Transportation Services (DTS) of the City and County of Honolulu.


Mar 5, 2014 - 10:07 am

Tesla, Quebec, Honolulu.

Tesla tightens service grid in Europe: At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the carmaker announced the opening of some 30 new service centres across the continent. Moreover, Tesla promised the rapid development of the Supercharger network in Europe.

10,000 charging stations for Quebec by 2017: Of which a total of 3,500 will be set up by public administrations or private companies alone. To push development, these will be subsidised by a new incentive program that covers 75 percent (up to 5,000 Canadian dollars) of the installation costs. The only condition is that charging should be available free of charge for the respective employees.
avem.fr (in French)

Fuel cell onshore power supply in Hawaii: The pilot project will use hydrogen fuel cells to supply energy to docked ships at the Port of Honolulu. That way, they can turn off their combustion engines while at anchor there. In a six-month trial four 30 kW fuel cells will be housed inside a 20 ft shipping container and can therefore be moved around the harbour.
gizmag.com, greenoptimistic.com

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