Sep 20, 2017 - 09:47 am

California, Italy, Porsche, Sacramento, Honolulu.

CA massively invests into clean air: Not less than 895m dollars shall help to further extend the range of measures against air pollution in California. This sum, approved by the state’s legislature, is part of the „California Clean Air Initiative“ and shall enable e.g. to create incentives to replace old diesel-powered trucks and buses, to grant EV purchase discounts and to promote EV car-sharing.,

First BYD buses for Italy: Chinese manufacturer BYD has delivered the first trio of all in all 23 electric-powered 12 metres buses to Turin, after having won the tendering in September 2016. 20 units will hit the road in Turin, 3 close to Novara.

Porsche brings ultra fast-chargers in the U.S.: After Porsche has opened the first public charging site featuring its liquid-cooled 800 Volt technology in Berlin, six of such ultra fast-charging stations could now be erected in the States, too: Porsche just obtained a building permit at its headquarters in Atlanta.

Electric airport shuttle buses: The Sacramento International Airport can count on a 2m dollars federal grant in order to introduce a fleet of electric shuttle buses, delivered by Proterra. The grant will cover half the cost of five buses and charging infrastructure. Delivery is scheduled for next year.

Zero-emission buses for Honolulu: Also Honolulu won more than 1.4m dollars in federal funds to build up an electric bus fleet and chose California-based bus manufacturer Gillig LLC to supply the electric vehicles. The Hawaiian Electric Company will install the infrastructure for up to five buses.


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