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Sep 13, 2017 - 07:40 am

Renault Symbioz, Project One, Jaguar, Audi.

Renault envisions a future in which living has formed a symbiosis with tech. So much so that an electric car simply comes as part of a house with which it shares a smart grid. The Symbioz concept delivers 500 kW at a range of 500 km and could be tested from 2019 – the car, not the house.
carscoops.com, autocar.co.uk, insideevs.com, electriccarsreport.com

Project One premiers: Even before the doors of the Frankfurt fair opened officially, Mercedes AMG took the wraps off its youngest hyper baby, the hybrid Project One. Drawaing from its involvement in the Formula 1, the street legal luxury car combines a turbo engine with four electric drives. The result are over 1,000 hp and a top speed of 350 kph that will be hard to keep up, even on a German Autobahn. Yet acceleration from 0 – 200 in less than six seconds should make up for any road restrictions.
greencarcongress.com, autocar.co.uk, carscoops.com

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Jaguar goes wild now that it is about to launch its first electric car. The I-Pace on-sale will be accompanied by its own race as part of the Formula E. The I-Pace eTrophy will see up to 20 racy Jaguar EV battling it out, in front of a large audience of course.
electricautosport.com, autosport.com, fiaformulae.com (teaser)

All-autonomous Audi: The Aicon is a true concept as it lacks both a steering wheel and pedals. Audi underscores its ambition for full autonomy also in the interior that resembles a lounge rather than a car. More feasible in a near future seem the four electric motors that account for 256 kW. The battery is conceived with a range of 800 km and inductive charging capability.
carscoops.com, greencarcongress.com

Aug 25, 2017 - 10:17 am

BMW i8 Roadster, Tesla Model 3

Video tip: BMW’s 2018 i8 is about to make an appearance at the IAA and the Bavarians sent a video ahead of the show that illustrates the hybrids rather racy character.

Click tip: Take a look inside the Tesla Model 3 battery with this details collected by Electrek. A 50 kWh power pack incorporates 2,976 of the new 2170 cells, while the 74 kWh battery consists of 4,416 cells.

Aug 10, 2017 - 07:45 am

Nissan, Hyundai, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche.

Nissan Leaf leak: In what might be the biggest breach to date, a performance specc has been published that puts the next-gen Nissan EV at 110 kW and its power pack at 40 kWh. It remains unclear, if a 60 kWh variant will become available but U.S. pricing now stands at 29,990 dollars. While the price undercuts both the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3, the Leaf stays behind its closest competitors when it comes to performance. The full reveal is due on September, 5 in Japan.
autoblog.com, insideevs.com, jalopnik.com

Hyundai to enter India all-electrically: After the government of the world’s largest democracy announced to tax hybrid vehicles at the highest rate, Hyundai adjusted its strategy. Rather than launching hybrid or even mild hybrid models, the Koreans now want to introduce all-electric versions of the small i10 and i20 as well as a compact electric SUV. The move makes sense as EVs have been taxed at a lower rate of 12 percent in India (we reported).
financialexpress.com, auto.ndtv.com, autocarindia.com

Mercedes EQ-A preview: First renderings of Daimler’s compact EV have been floated by Auto Bild, who thinks a concept EQ-A will be shown at this year’s IAA before hitting the shelves by 2020. The standard EQ-A shall deliver 150 kW with a 60 kWh battery that is to last for about 400 km.

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More from Mercedes’s may come in the form of a Maybach convertible designed to cruise on electric power alone. First shown last year as Mercedes-Maybach 6, a video teases another study, destined to debut at the Concourse D’elegance in Pebble Beach and likely to be a cabrio based on the 6.

Spotted: The Jaguar I-Pace has been shot charging and the photographer also managed to peak inside. Pictures reveal the camouflaged EV to be pretty close to the concept, inside-out.

Porsche copy as PHEV: Chinese Zotye says it will offer its Porsche Macan “inspired” SUV SR9 as plug-in hybrid at the Chengdu Auto Show later this month. Said range stands at 80 km.


Jun 28, 2017 - 09:32 am

Jaguar, Tesla.

Video tip I: For those who want to have a closer look to Jaguar’s tech below its surface, the carmaker has published a video that illustrates the difference between its all-electric I-Pace and its Formula E race car in terms of thermal management.
youtube.com via electrek.co

Video tip II: Can another EV than a Tesla beat down on gas cars of a similar size? After numerous Tesla acceleration duels, it is the Chevy Bolt’s turn now. A video shows the model drag racing a VW Golf GTI.
youtube.com via insideevs.com

May 24, 2017 - 08:42 am

Denza, Skoda, Audi, Jaguar, Smart.

DenzaCash injection: Daimler and BYD both want to invest 500m yuan (72.6m dollars) into their indebted EV joint venture in China. Shenzhen Denza New Energy Automotive Co. will thus recapitalise to 3.36bn yuan, up from 2.36bn in order to strengthen its brand and distribution. To date, Denza has failed to turn a profit since its first and only jointly developed EV hit the market in 2014. Since then, BYD and Daimler increased the range to 400 km last year but apparently to little avail.

Electric super Skoda? Volkswagen’s Czech subsidiary is eyeing a sports EV, Auto Express reports. It will fit into the planned line-up of no less than five electric cars by Skoda although it will be most likely be the last in line by 2025. All electric Skoda will utilise VW’s MEB platform.

Austria is next for Audi after the brand opened its order books for the e-tron quattro in Norway first. Alpinist may pay a 1,000 euros to secure their place on the waiting list. A launch is only due by the end of next year, although a concept appeared as early as 2015. Audi told electrive.net about its plans to add an 11 kW on-board charger to charge the 95 kWh battery that is to last for about 500 km.
electrive.net (in German)

Jaguar I-Pace is making the rounds in Monaco where the brand’s first EV was caught bare. More revelations had to be made by Jaguar CEO Ian Callum on Twitter, where he admitted the I-Pace’s inability to tow a trailer unlike its opponent the Tesla Model X.
electrek.co (images), insideevs.com (trailer)

U.S. pricing Smart ED: The next-gen Smart for two ED will be 1,200 dollars cheaper than its predecessor. Prices start from 23,800 dollars in the USA , where sales are to begin this summer.
electriccarsreport.com, insideevs.com

Apr 24, 2017 - 07:18 am

GM, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Jeep, Tesla.

GM’s electric strategy for China: In the following three years, the American car giant intends to launch at least ten EV and PHEV for the Chinese market, said GM’s China CEO Matt Tsien in the course of the Shanghai Motor Show. He thus joined the rest of the carmakers in their electric promises made in the light of expected new energy quotas by the Chinese authorities. GM calculates with a sales potential of 150,000 electrified vehicles until 2020 and up to half a million until 2025. First aim is to start production of an all-electric model in the Asian-Pacific region within the next two years.
detroitnews.com, apnews.com

Is this Audi’s EV no. 3? Rumours about a new luxury heavyweight above the A8 are persistent and have received some extra fuel through Auto Zeitung. The report speaks of a possible A9 that might emerge 2020 under the label C e-tron – thus being the third in Audi’s electrical line-up. Although sources are missing, the article assumes that the four-door coupé will be based on Q6 and Porsche’s Mission E and could be launched in three versions with 265, 320 or 400 kW.
autozeitung.de (in German)

Mercedes with updated S-Class: The German carmaker has face-lifted its top-of-the-line sedan. The updated version of its S-Class is supposed to hit the roads in July and will be available as well as PHEV version with a battery capacity of 13.3 kWh and an onboard 7.2 kW charger.
greencarcongress.com, hybridcars.com

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Serial style of I-Pace at the IAA: Jaguar wants to unveil the production version of its I-Pace in September at the IAA before starting sales next year, Auto Express has learnt. The final design of Jaguar’s first EV shall correspond to 80% to the concept car presented in Los Angeles last year.

Jeep shows plug-in: The Yuntu Hybrid has been revealed in Shanghai and was designed for China. Still no details on the actual drive of the seven-seater PHEV have been released.

Tesla recalls 53,000 Model S and X as they are equipped with a faulty gear in the parking brakes. According to the carmaker, the issue was caused by a third-party supplier and could end up in problems to release the parking brake. The recall affects vehicles launched between February and October 2016.
electrek.co, insideevs.com, teslarati.com


Apr 5, 2017 - 08:26 am

Jaguar, GM, Tesla, BYD, Thai Kwaithong Motor.

Jaguar-I-Pace-ConceptJaguar to electrify its range? The British car manufacturer now patented the diXE and iXE name, leading Autocar to suggest that Jaguar could launch a hybrid version as well as an all-electric model with technology of the recently introduced I-Pace.

Chevy Bolt out of stock: GMs new electric model continues to sell extremely well in South Korea – to well almost as all 2,000 allocated units for 2017 have now sold out. The distributor points to LG Chem’s involvement as well as the Bolt’s Korean design roots. Plus, Lotte Rent-a-car signed an agreement with GM Korea to include the Bolt EV in its fleet.
insideevs.com, autonews.com, english.hankyung.com (rental fleet)

Tesla is now the second strongest carmaker in the USA as the EV maker’s record-breaking quarter echoed strongly at Wall Street. Tesla shares reached an all-time record of 294.15 USD on Monday, catapulting Tesla above Ford in terms of market capitalisation and with only GM still ahead.

BYD improves performance further: BYD’s 2016 statistics show that the Chinese group accumulated 96,000 sales of EV and PHEV which represent a market share of 23 percent. Total turnover rose by 79 percent to 5,05bn yuan (733m dollars).

New electric bus player: Thai Kwaithong Motor is to start assembly of its first electric bus model. It also signed a 3bn-baht contract (82m euros) to provide 200 electric buses to a local transit operator.

Mar 16, 2017 - 09:57 am

Uniti, Renault-Nissan, Jaguar, Volkswagen, EPA, Acura.

Uniti-300x150Siemens to mass produce Uniti: Swedish start-up Uniti has just become serious about building its biodegradable compact EV as Siemens jumped on board. The initially crowdfunded company that received 1.2m euros, thus enters the realm of mass production that may start as early as next year, when 50,000 LEV could roll off the lines to be delivered by 2019. In order to do so, a fully automated factory will be build in either Malmö or Landskrona and Siemens has invested 3m euros in the company to date. The L7e vehicle weighs just 400 kilos and is planned with a range of either 150 or 300 km at a price from 200,000 kronas (21,000 euros). Battery options are 11 or 22 kWh while speed is capped at 90 to 120 kph – just in line with the speed limits on Swedish highways.
nordic.businessinsider.com, digital.di.se (in Swedish), youtube.com (Uniti video update)

Renault-Nissan to form LCV unit: The alliance has created a new business unit to combine its light commercial vehicle activities, including those of Mitsubishi. As partners, they will leverage complementary markets and products while maintaining their own brand identity. Two electric vans exist already with the Nissan e-NV200 and Renault Kangoo Z.E., plus Renault said it would electrify the Master model within this year reportedly.
commercialfleet.org, alliance-renault-nissan.com

First drive: Get a taste of the Jaguar I-Pace with this review by Matt Saunders. He found the electric SUV concept “stunning” and is delighted the team is working on a production version as they prototype.

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EVT-EUROPE-Ad300x100OEMs and Tier 1s discuss electrification in Europe – over 70 experts will explore key issues at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech Conference, such as 48V architectures, from the initial development of 48V drive systems to designing the optimum 48V energy storage system. Speakers include Daimler, BMW, Ford, and BorgWarner – view the agenda here.

VW’s redemption starts: CARB has received the first 200m dollar instalment from Volkswagen as part of a plan on how to spend the money to serve ZEV. About 120m dollars shall be spend in California on EV charging infrastructure over the next 30 months following the diesel fraud, the rest is for EV demonstration purposes according to the plan, which the regulators have to accept first.
greencarcongress.com, arb.ca.gov (investment plan, pdf)

The ecological onslaught of the Trump administration continues as it seeks to roll back fuel economy regulations. This is welcomed by carmakers, who had lobbied against EPA rules under President Obama, but feared by environmentalists. The move to reopen the review has yet to be made officially.

Acura hybrid: There is a new hybrid out there, the 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid. It uses a V6 engine and three electric motors to produce a total system output of 321 hp. Prices start from 51,960 dollars.

Jan 10, 2017 - 08:40 am

Volkswagen, Eli Electric Vehicles, eRace, Jaguar, Chevrolet.


Another electric VW bus: VW unveiled its new electric concept car, the I.D. Buzz at the Detroit Motor Show. The minibus takes after the iconic VW bus and is slightly bigger than the BUDD-e, presented at CES last year (we reported). It is powered by two electric motors with a total output of 275 kW, while the 111-kWh battery pack allows for up to 270 miles of range (EPA) or 600 km (NECD). It is not clear when the I.D. Buzz will hit the road, but most likely not before the I.D. and an electric SUV, which VW will unveil in Shanghai.
greencarcongress.com, autonews.com, autocar.co.uk

Eli Electric announces the launch of the EV Zero tiny e-car for the city: The startup Eli Electric Vehicles presented its EV Zero in Las Vegas. The small electric car has some similarity with the Renault Twizy but has a closed cockpit and real doors. Its top speed is limited to 40 kph, while it has a range of 100 km on one charge. Zero will launch in Europe and the U.S. at the end of the year and will sell for around 10,000 dollars.

Update 10 August 2020: Following the CES 2017 it became very quiet around the EV Zero project. Now the startup has returned with an update: Some improvements have been made to the Eli Zero, which will allow it to be approved for road use in the US and EU. Production in limited quantities and sales in the USA and the EU are scheduled to begin this year.

It was decided last year to suspend marketing of the Eli Zero in order to focus on some upgrades and supply chains, the company now announced. While the exterior of the model now on display still bears a strong resemblance to the concept presented in 2017, the Zero is said to have been given a completely new interior. In addition, power steering and ABS have been integrated. Eli has not revealed more concrete information about the sales and the exact technical data of the Zero.

autoexpress.co.uk, evobsession.com (update), cleantechnica.com (update)

eRace hits track in Vegas: The first virtual eRace took place in Las Vegas over the weekend. Faraday Future Dragon Racing pilot Bono Huis took the crown, winning 200,000 dollars. Technically, Mahindra driver Olli Pahkala was the fastest, but only because he used a FanBoost incorrectly, activating it for six rounds and not six seconds. He therefore got a 12 second penalty and lost the top spot.
motorsport.com, cnn.com

Electric two-seater by Jaguar? Auto Express reports that Jaguar may be working on a narrow two-seater electric city car, where the passengers would be seated behind the driver. The tiny EV could become available at the beginning of the next decade and would be built by company Magna in Graz (Austria).

EV crowned: Automotive journalists have cured the Chevy Bolt as “North American Car of the Year 2017.” It is the first time that an electric car has taken home the award. The Bolt is said to have won out mainly because it is believed to be a game-changer in the automotive sector, as it offers more than 200 miles of range, while still being affordable.
usatoday.com, electrek.co, insideevs.com


Nov 28, 2016 - 08:41 am

Jaguar, SsangYong, Faraday Future, Tesla, Guangzhou Auto, ELI.

Jaguar-I-Pace-ConceptJaguar looks to produce locally: The British carmaker says it wants to make the UK a global centre for battery research and development, as well as set up EV production facilities to meet further demand. The recently revealed I-Pace will initially be built by Magna Steyr in Austria (we reported), but as Jaguar Land Rover will reportedly offer electrified variants for half of its portfolio, it could move production to its home turf.
autocar.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk, autonews.com

SsangYong looks to electrify line-up: According UK boss Paul Williams, the South Korean carmaker will electrify a number of its current models in the coming four years, possibly even in cooperation with a bigger brand. While hybridisation is part of the plan, electrification is the long-term focus. SsangYong is meanwhile testing the electric version of its Tivoli

FF pushes back release date: As work at its production facility in Nevada has come to a halt (we reported), Faraday Future will apparently need to delay the launch of its first EV. The reason for the financial difficulties seems to be that financier LeEco, who is also working on an electric car, may have overreached in terms of funds and timing.

Newcomers: Forbes highlights five electric models from China that were unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show last week. The Changan BenBen, normally a popular petrol-powered mini car got an electric drivetrain, while Dongfeng presented its compact sedan Fengxing Jingyi S50 EV with 250 km range. The Trumpchi GS4 EV, a new SUV from Guangzhou Auto, can also go 240 km on one charge. The show also saw the presentation on a new electric van and light commercial truck.

News from Tesla: Following the first showroom inside a Nordstrom department store in LA (we reported) the carmaker now opened a second one in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meanwhile, in Germany, all Tesla Model S versions now qualify for federal subsidies, as the base price is less than 60,000 euros and bigger batteries or more performance are just “add-ons.”
charlotteobserver.com (showroom), manager-magazin.de (Germany; in German)

ELI hits the road: The small electric transporter was developed by Austrian SFL Technologies, who is ready to kick start production in January. At first, the company will manufacture 1,000 units that it won’t sell, but rent out completed with a comprehensive service package.
steiermark.orf.at (in German)

Nov 15, 2016 - 08:57 am

Jaguar, Audi, Tesla, Hyundai, NextEV, Toyota.

Jaguar-I-Pace-Concept620Jaguar EV unveiled: The British carmaker as lifted the curtain on its first all-electric model, the i-Pace, at the LA Motor Show. The design is exactly what one would expect from a Jaguar. The 36 modules of the 90kWh Li-ion battery pack sits between two axels and allows for a range of 300 miles (500 km). The two rare earth magnetic electric motors deliver 300 kW and 700 Nm of torque. The i-Pace can be charged with 50 kW using CCS – possible 150 kW when production kicks off.
autoexpress.co.uk, digitaltrends.com

Audi has big electric plans for China: As part of the longstanding joint venture FAW-Volkswagen, the German carmaker is looking to introduce five locally produced e-tron models in China over the course of the next five years. That will include all-electric cars with more than 500 km of range, since Audi wants to offer at least one China-build EV in all volume segments. Moreover, Audi is considering working with SAIC in the future.
automotiveworld.com, volkswagenag.com

Price hike in the U.S.: Tesla is adding an extra 2,000 dollars to the price tag of it Model S 60 from next Tuesday, increasing the base price from 66,000 to 68,000 dollars. Considering the 60 variant was only reintroduced in June, some speculate that the “old” pricing was put in place to boost sales and reach sales targets.
insideevs.com, autoblog.com

Long range Ioniq EV: Hyundai will introduce its purely electric newcomer in Europe early next year, promising 200 km of range. At the same time, the South Koreans are already planning an Ioniq with a bigger battery for 2018, allowing the EV to go 320 km on one charge.

NextEV teased: The Chinese start-up will take the wraps off its hypercar next week, already giving us a little taste of what’s to come. At least in terms of headlight design. The EV could boast as much a one MW of power.

Toyota C-HR tested: The drive is “forgettable,” Autocar writes in its review of the Toyota five-door hatchback. Still, the design is said to conquer the hearts of Europeans, as the Japanese expect to sell some 100,000 units per year on the old continent. After all, it’s “all of those Prius characteristics” repackaged, so the driver looks like “somebody with, y’know, an active lifestyle.”

Nov 7, 2016 - 09:20 am

Tesla, Jaguar, GM, Volvo, Oil Companies, DS.

Tesla-Model-S-100DModel S P90D discontinued: Tesla has removed the P90D option for both the Model S and X, leaving only the P100D but with ludicrous speed included. At the same time, a new glass roof has been added to the configurator, which removes the crossbar over the car’s B-pillar. On Twitter, Elon Musk hinted that for the Model 3 a roof with solar cells will “probably” become available.
electrek.co, autoblog.com, electrek.co (solar roof)

Jaguar enters electrification: Jaguar says it will bring its first electric car to debut at the L.A. Auto Show, which starts at Nov, 18. That is about all the company has said so far.

Chevy Bolt in production: GM has officially started production of the Chevy Bolt EV at the GM facility in Orion Township, Michigan. So far the hatchback is on a slow production line but it is the beginning.
detroit.cbslocal.com, electrek.co

Volvo to go with LG Electronics? The Swedish brand will supposedly work with Korean LG Chem to co-develop its autonomous and electric models in the future. The link has been established by industry insiders following a visit of Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson at LG’s campus in South Korea.

No redemption: The 10 biggest oil companies have announced a 1bn dollar fund to reduce their climate change guilt. Different from what was expected, it will not include renewables but focus on reducing leaks of natural gas, capturing and store emissions when gas is burned to produce electricity, and increasing the fuel efficiency of vehicles. So, they pay each other to keep business running as usual.

No more diesel-electric: The DS 5 Hybrid has been withdrawn from sale in Great Britain because it accounted for only 3 percent of the total DS 5 volume this year. This only applies on the isles.

Sep 12, 2016 - 08:44 am

BMW, Porsche, Karma, China, Jaguar, Electra Meccanica.

Two new BMW i by 2019? The Bavarians apparently want to push their EV portfolio, which is why the board won’t attend the Paris Auto Show. Instead, they will sit down to decide on their next move. Both an electric Mini and an electric SUV are on the table. Meanwhile, BMW is ready to invest in battery production and will build a factory for high voltage batteries in Shenyang in China.
reuters.com , chinadaily.com (battery production)

Panamera plug-in premiere: The second and most technical advanced version of the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid will officially be unveiled in Paris at the end of the month. It will go on sale in April 2017, starting at 107,533 euros. The second generation features a 14.1 instead of a 9.4 kWh battery and has a range of 50 km.
autocar.co.uk, electriccarsreport.com

Karma returns: Following Fisker’s bankruptcy and a takeover by Wanxiang, the pioneering EV model returns almost unchanged. The Karma Revero boasts 301 kW, has a slightly larger 21.4 kWh battery pack and a range extender, allowing the car to go 480 km on one charge. The EV will at first only be available in the U.S. – from 130,000 dollars.
autocar.co.uk, autoblog.com

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ecomobiel_NissanParticipate in Ecomobiel 2016 – the platform for sustainable innovation in mobility: Ecomobiel is the largest and most complete trade show in the Benelux for mobility professionals and business end users, 4 & 5 October 2016 in Den Bosch. Ecomobiel is a co-location with the trade show “Energie” which focusses on energy transition in buildings & industry. The combined events attracted last edition over 15.000 B2B visitors. www.ecomobiel.nl/Exhibitor_on_ecomobiel

Misuse of funds: China is accusing a total of 25 carmakers of cheating in the country’s subsidies programme for electric vehicles. On the list of offenders is also JAC, with whom VW is in talks about a possible joint venture. Nissan, Hyundai and Geely don’t seem to have a spotless record either. China spend 4.5bn dollars in subsidies for electrification last year alone.

Electric Jag before 2017 According to Autocar, the British manufacturer could present its electric SUV by the end of the year. It could be based on the same platform as the larger Range Rover Evoque-e, which was unveiled last year. The latter is not expected to launch before 2019. autocar.co.uk

Electric trike ready to launch: Canadian manufacturer Electra Meccanica now unveiled the serial production version of its electric trike Solo. Due to its low weight, the 16.1 kWh battery suffices for 160 km of range. Deliveries in Canada will kick off next year.
electrek.co, electriccarsreport.com, insideevs.com

Sep 9, 2016 - 08:33 am

Jaguar, Panasonic, University of Waterloo, A123 Systems, SoelCat 12.

Jaguar-Panasonic-FormulaEPanasonic and Jaguar hit the track: The British carmaker officially presented its team and electric racer. The I-Type 1 will debut at the Formula E race in Hong Kong, sporting a black-turquoise colour scheme. Panasonic is official sponsor and partner.

Smart vehicle test lab: The University of Waterloo has opened its “cutting edge” GAIA Research Facility for the development and testing of electric vehicle technologies. By integrating batteries and drivetrains and simulating real-world driving, researchers hope to extend the life of batteries, work on bidirectional charging and advanced driver assistance programmes – also to optimise energy consumption.

Safer vehicle batteries are the focus of a cooperation between battery maker A123 Systems and the Argonne National Laboratory. The goal is to develop better cathodes for Li-ion batteries without losing energy density or affecting the lifetime. The project is schedule to last three years.

Sailing with solar power: The SoelCat 12 is the newest development of a Dutch company with the same name and especially aimed at eco-tourism. A solar roof powers the catamaran’s electric drivetrain and supplies battery with energy, so that the vessel can also operate during bad weather and at night. But the fun comes at a hefty price of 562,000 dollars.
dailymail.co.uk, inhabitat.com

Aug 1, 2016 - 09:02 am

Gigafactory, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Toyota, Jaguar, Cadillac.

Gigafactory-Opening300x100Gigafactory opens its doors: Tesla’s battery factory celebrated a symbolic opening Friday, even though only 14 percent of the production site have been completed. At least production of the stationary Powerwall has already kicked off. Starting 2018, the factory is said to churn out batteries with a total capacity of 50 GWh per year and 150 GWh form 2020. Panasonic says it will raise 3.9bn dollars through corporate bonds, most of which will be invested in the Gigafactory. The supplier had promised 1.6bn dollars but already said that it would invest more if needed.
electrek.co (opening), youtube.com (Video), reuters.com, electrek.co (Panasonic)

U.S. Outlander debut delayed: The kick off for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in North America has again been pushed back – for the sixth time. The plan is now for it to debut in summer of next year. The plug-in’s premier in Canada and the U.S. had originally been scheduled for January 2014. Mitsubishi did not give an explanation for the new delay.
insideevs.com, hybridcars.com

Tesla bus build on Model X: Tesla’s announced bus will use the Model X’s chassis, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter. That means it could hit the road sooner than later. Moreover, the design is said to be inspired by the old VW buses.
electrek.co, jalopnik.com

Toyota faces range complaint: The Japanese manufacturer is being taken to court in the U.S. for false range advertising. The plaintiff says that instead of the promised 15 miles, the Toyota Prius can only go 8 miles electrically, and only during summer – not enough for his 12-mile commute to work. Toyota has yet to comment on the allegations.

Camouflaged Jaguar EV: New images are said to show a disguised prototype of the British electric SUV. Jaguar is planning to release two electric models (we reported) in 2019. The SUV in question will then go head to head with the Tesla Model X and Audi Q6 e-tron.

Cadillac CT6 PHEV is coming: The plug-in hybrid will arrive at Chinese dealerships this fall, before becoming available in the U.S. in 2017. The battery pack is still being made in the U.S. and shipped to China, but GM considers moving production to China in the future.

Jul 28, 2016 - 08:21 am

Mercedes, VDL, Jaguar, Keating Berus, Seoul, Mahindra Reva.

Mercedes-Urban-eTruckElectric truck from Daimler: As announced yesterday, Mercedes has unveiled the prototype of its Urban eTruck with a 26 ton permissible gross vehicle weight for short-radius distribution in cities. The truck features two 125 kW electric motors in the rear adjacent to the wheel hubs and has a modular battery pack with up to 212 kWh capacity that can be recharged using CCS. Range is estimated at 200 km. Daimler says that it won’t begin serial production before 2020.
greencarcongress.com, europe.autonews.com, daimler.com (drivetrain details)

Electric truck from VDL: Dutch manufacturer VDL is a little quicker than Mercedes and wants to offer a 37t truck for short-radius distribution in cities by 2017. Moreover, it says it will use locally developed and manufactured battery technology.
ed.nl (in Dutch) via primemovermag.com.au

Electric Jaguar duo? According to insider George Kacher from Automobile Magazine, the British carmaker is working on two electric vehicles – a sedan and an SUV. They are both allegedly being built by Austrian company Magma and will hit the road in 2019. The goal is to produce 30,000 electric sedans and 50,000 electric SUV per year.

British luxury EV: The unveiling of a new electric sports car from the UK at the luxury trade fair Top Marques 2017 in Monaco has already been announced. The Keating Berus is said to get an all-electric offshoot with around 300 kW. No further details are known.

Seoul gets even more generous: The city’s government announced that it will increase subsidies for electric vehicles. Private buyers as well as companies will thus receive an extra 2m won, which is just shy of 1,800 dollars per EV bought.

New Mahindra Reva EV? It looks as though the carmaker wants to launch two new electric models this year, though no details have been given price. The plans may surprise, as India is not exactly a soaring EV market. Only 753 electric cars were sold there in 2015.

Jun 21, 2016 - 09:04 am

Jaguar, China, Schaeffler, Heuliez Bus.

Range-Rover-Hybrid-LWBWill Jaguar build its own batteries? Together with Land Rover, the Brits are considering setting up a battery factory for their own emobility strategy, says The Times. Hundreds of pounds could be invested in the project. Whether the facility would be set up in the UK or a more cost effective region is still not clear.

Korean batteries excluded: The Chinese government is apparently going through with its plan (we reported), and will not subsidise EVs with battery packs from LG Chem or Samsung SDI. A list of companies subject to financial perks has been published – and does not include the Korean manufactures. Even though the latter have invested heavily in Chinese market in recent years.

Variable transmission for hybrids: Schaeffler has developed a CVT (continuously variable transmission) for plug-in hybrids. It features a parallel arrangement of the variator and the direct gear stage for the electric drive, is compact and has a low energy loss, allowing for more all-electric range and lower fuel consumption.

French battery alliance: Manufacturer Heuliez Bus is working with battery specialist Forsee Power in developing and producing a new battery system. It will be used for the all-electric Heuliez GX 337, which will be tested in Paris from July.

May 31, 2016 - 09:20 am

PSA, Ford, Jaguar, Volkswagen, go-karts, Kia.

Peugeot-FractalPSA update: Peugeot, Citroën and DS have published further details about its EV platforms e-CMO and EMP2, said to launch in 2019. The first is to yield four smaller to mid-sized all-electric cars that boast a range of up to 450 km and can ultra-fast-charge (12km/min). The EMP2 will be the base for seven plug-in hybrids with an all-electric range of 60 km.
insideevs.com, autoevolution.com, groupe-psa.com

Facelifted Fusion Energi: Ford has reworked the 2017 edition of its PHEV, as well as the drivetrain of the Ford Mondeo, available in the U.S. Next to revamping the patrol-engine, the electric motor now also boasts an extra 3 km (2 miles) of range, meaning the it can go 35 km (22 miles) on one charge.
carscoops.com, greencarreports.com

Jaguar shows off Formula E racer: The British carmaker had announced plans to take part in the 2016/17 season at the end of last year (we reported). Now, the greyish coloured racer has been caught on camera during testing. Technical details and more on the design will not be given price until early July.

New e-up! this summer: Five year after it hit the road, VW is giving its smallest family member an overhaul that also affects the electric version. It now features i.e. LED daytime running lights and modified bumpers. Also the infotainment system has been reworked, allowing it to connect to smartphones more easily.
carscoops.com, volkswagen-media-services.com

iPod inventor builds electric go-kart: Tony Fadell and his start-up Actev Motors now offer a smart go-kart for kids that will hit the brakes on its own in case of an emergency. The mini race can go up to 20 kph and parents can keep control of the wheel from a distance via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It now costs 600 dollars and will go up to 1,000 dollars later.
fortune.com, theverge.com

Driving the Kia Niro: According to Autocar‘s Alan Taylor-Jones, the crossover SUV will not only be the greenest in its class, it also handles well and “doesn’t take much persuasion to get its front tyres squealing.” While it is a game changer “on first impression,” the car was only tested on a track. So Taylor-Jones says he will wait to test the UK model in the real world before putting any “uncertainty” to rest.

Mar 21, 2016 - 08:34 am

Jaguar, Formula E, Beijing Auto, Edinburgh, Renault Twizy.

Jaguar XJ reborn: According to Autocar, Jaguar has finally chosen to reinvent the XJ, transforming it into a super-luxury hybrid. The car will be built for total indulgence and is rumoured to contain a hybrid drivetrain built around a new V6 Ingenium engine, as well as come with autonomous driving and connectivity features. A concept version is expected to debut in 2018, the 50th anniversary of the original XJ.

Virtual championship: The Formula E championship does not want to stop at the finish line, offering a virtual championship for eSports lovers alongside the all-electric racing series. It will include at least four online rounds, previewing the races in Long Beach, Paris, Berlin and London. The top two from each virtual race will then go console to console in July.

Supercar teaser: Beijing Auto has released drawings of a new electric supercar concept. The vehicle will be based on a NextEV Team China Racing Formula E race car, which could mean strict regulations for the design. The mysterious vehicle will have a 300 km range, and sports a racy look. The concept is set to debut at the Beijing Auto Show next month.

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SiemensElectromobility powered by Siemens – Siemens is presenting its drivetrain solutions for hybrid and electric cars on the “Vehicle Show Electromobility” in Bad Neustadt a.d.S on 16th and 17th. Find Siemens at the fairground of the demo city for electromobility and take a glance on the latest innovations.

On fire: A mystery is afoot in Edinburgh, where an EV simply burst into flames after being plugged in. The Edinburgh City Council confirmed that it was a company car is currently investigating the incident. At least one witness guesses the electric car had been plugged in for too long…

Twizy 40 hits Canada: The Renault Twizy has been certified by Transport Canada, and is set to hit stores there this summer. It will be sold at the company’s local partner, AZRA Canada. The quadricycle can reach 40 kph (25 mph). If the window-less design is ideal for Canadian winters remains to be seen.

The last Phaeton: The very last Phaeton has rolled off the factory line at the VW Transparent Factory in Dresden. While this spells bad news for employees, the factory will be renovated and reopened in the future. From April 8th, it will also be revamped as a showcase arena for electric mobility and digitization. An electric Phaeton, however, will not see the light of day.

Jan 19, 2016 - 09:40 am

Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Hyundai, Peugeot.

Mercedes fuel cell SUV: Daimler R&D chief Dr. Thomas Weber says the company will launch a production fuel cell version of its GLC next year, Autocar reports. The GLC F-Cell will be made available for lease or sale for about 70,000 dollars. Weber also confirmed that the “Tesla-fighter” scheduled for 2018, will have a range of 250 – 300 miles.
autocar.co.uk via greencarcongress.com

BMW-i3BMW to boost i3 range: The 2017 model year of the all-electric BMW will see its range increase by 50 percent. Ian Robertson, head of BMW sales and marketing, further told Automotive News that the battery will be improved to put the i3 “into a much more usable range.”
autonews.com (paid content)

Intense incentive debate: Following the proposal to dedicate 2bn euros to foster electric transport in Germany, the coalition government is divided over the question of EV incentives. While Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel wishes to see a 5,000 euro subsidy for the purchase of an electric car, some conservatives, including the minister of transport, are against it. The debate continues.
greencarreports.com, autoworldnews.com, automobil-produktion.de (debate in German)

Hyundai Ioniq on-sale: The Korean carmaker is following up fast on its dedicated hybrid, which launched on the domestic market already. The all-electric and hybrid versions are scheduled to arrive in the U.S, and Germany in the third quarter of this year, with the Ioniq PHEV to follow shortly after.
koreaherald.com, auto-medienportal.net (in German)

Honda hybrid: As of next month, Honda will offer a petrol-hybrid powertrain option for the Odyssey exclusively for the Japanese market. The Sport Hybrid system may then also be made available in the 2017 model for the U.S., where the van would go head to head with Chrysler’s Pacifica.

Peugeot 3008 spotted: The 2017 version of the compact SUV has been photographed during winter testing. Heavy camouflage concealed if it is a plug-in hybrid, as was previously suggested. Certain is only that if there will be a hybrid variant, it will be a petrol-powered one, as the diesel hybrid version is discontinued already.

Jan 14, 2016 - 09:35 am

EV incentives, Jaguar, Kia, Lada, Mitsubishi, Tesla.

EV incentives in Germany? The German government is working on a 2bn euro programme designed to spur electric transport in the heart of Europe. The scheme draws on public infrastructure, but also includes incentives, which had been ruled out before. Government officials themselves might also be asked to drive electrically, but no details have been published yet.
zeit.de, automobilwoche.de (articles in German)

E-Pace update: It looks like the electric Jaguar E-Pace will arrive already in 2018, auto motor & sport reports. A plug-in hybrid version is also in the cards. The E-Pace will be similar to the F-Pace, but a little more compact. Technology is lent from the Concept E by Land Rover (we reported).
auto-motor-und-sport.de (in German)

Kia-Niro-TeaserKia teases its dedicated hybrid ahead of the Chicago debut, publishing images of the Niro’s glossy outlines. The dedicated PHEV will most likely share its system with Hyundai’s Ioniq that combines a four-cylinder with an electric motor for a combined output of 150 hp.
worldcarfans.com, autocar.co.uk

Lada EV: The Russian brand is working on an electric version of the Vesta sedan. AvtoVaz, better known as Lada, already has one EV called the E1, which is produced in very small numbers. The Vesta EV is currently being tested and features a 60 kW motor and lithium-ion battery.
automobil-produktion.de (in German)

Outlander goes west: In Detroit, Mitsubishi gave a sneak preview of its latest Outlander PHEV that is scheduled to finally arrive in the U.S. in August. It had been delayed multiple times, but the plug-in hybrid will make its official debut in New York this spring.
autonews.com, thedetroitbureau.com

Taking flight: Two senior Tesla engineers have joined drone start-up Skydio. Dan Adams joined Tesla as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and stayed with the EV maker for ten years. He now followed his colleague Benjamin Thompson, said to be responsible for many of the Autopilot features.

Dec 16, 2015 - 09:35 am

South Korea, Jaguar, diesel, Faraday Future, Kandi.

Hyundai-Tucson-FCVKorea gears up for FCVs: The country wants to have 9,000 fuel cell cars on its road by 2020 and 630,000 by 2030. The ambitious plan is bolstered by a subsidy of 27.5m won (23,000 dollars) per FCV. By also waiving taxes, Korea targets an average FCV price of 35m won (30,000 dollars) by 2018. 520 hydrogen pumps are expected to be erected by 2030; 80 percent of those within the next four years.

Jaguar to enter Formula E: The iconic brand will take part in the 2016/17 season of the electric racing series as Jaguar, replacing Team Trulli. The move was expected, but it remains to be seen if and when electric racing technology will power Jaguar Land Rover production cars.
autocar.co.uk, electricautosport.com, fiaformulae.com

Tighter RDE rules: The EU Environment Committee rejected a draft calling for NOx emissions limits of diesel cars to be raised by 110 percent (we reported), saying the move is “neither explained nor justified.” MEPs are calling on the commission to propose a new draft that is not in fact watering down existing EU regulation.

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Tesla competitor homegrown: Nevada continues its subsidy policy that already lured the Gigafactory into the desert. Faraday Future’s latest move to erect its EV production site close to Las Vegas also seems fuelled by dollars. The start-up will receive 335m dollars in tax abatements and incentives over the next 20 years.

Kandi scales up: The Chinese carmaker expects 100,000 electric vehicles to roll off the production line at the planned facility in the city of Haikou in Hainan province annually. Start of production is set for early 2017.

Top of the line: From January, British buyers of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will be able to choose from two new trim levels. The GX5h and GX5hs both include leather seats and a heated rear bench, some automated driving features and start at 38,399 and 40,499 pounds, respectively.
autoexpress.co.uk, transportevolved.com

Dec 11, 2015 - 09:40 am

Toyota, BAIC & Atieva, Faraday Future, Jaguar, Tesla, Chevrolet.

Toyota-Prius-2016Prius sales target lowered: Toyota fears that sales of its 4th-gen Prius hybrid could drop due to low petrol prices. Toyota is now targeting average global annual sales of 300,000-350,000, the lower end of the 300,000-400,000 annual sales target for the previous model. Moreover, the AWD variant may not be offered in the U.S. for now, as demand for all-wheel drive cars there actually is decreasing.
reuters.com, autoblog.com, autonews.com (AWD)

BAIC starts new e-car project: The Chinese manufacturer and Californian company Atieva plan to develop a range of electric cars to be offered for sale globally. BAIC is helping the start-up financially, as well as with expertise through its new electric vehicle technical centre in the Silicon Valley. The first “breakthrough electric car” is said to be unveiled at the 2016 Beijing motor show.
autocar.co.uk, atieva.com

Faraday Future takes Las Vegas: The Californian start-up will open its EV factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada to kick off production by 2017. Meanwhile, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting confirmed that he is backing the company financially.
jalopnik.com, reviewjournal.com, forbes.com

Jaguar to take part in Formula E? According to Sky News, Jaguar Land Rover will announce plans to launch a team in the Formula E electric car-racing series at a press conference next Tuesday. The event is expected to include a commitment to launch an all-electric (street) car, but without setting a formal timetable. An electric Jaguar, built by Magna Steyr in Austria, has long been making headlines.

Tesla opens shop in Mexico: The store in Mexico City is the first in the Central American region. Ricardo Blanco, previously brand and communications manager in South America for Google, has been hired to further develop the Mexican market.

Chevy Malibu Hybrid priced: The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu hybrid will be available from 28,645 dollars in the U.S., including a 875 dollar destination charge and will go on sale in spring. Its drivetrain unit is based on the powertrain from the second-gen Chevrolet Volt, allowing for as much as 48 mpg.
freep.com, hybridcars.com

Nov 13, 2015 - 11:54 am

Volkswagen, BMW + Karma, Jaguar, Tesla, Hong Kong.

VW Tesla fighter? Volkswagen will fully electrify the Phaeton, rather than “just” offering it as PHEV. It could thus create a serious Model X competitor, German AutoBild speculates. The carmaker plans to build a common modular platform to be used in the Audi Q6 e-tron, Porsche Mission E and E-Phaeton. For differentiation, batteries, power electronics and electric drives will be modified.
autobild.de (in German)

BMW inside Karma: Karma Automotive (formerly Fisker) asked the German carmaker to supply charging, as well as electric drive train technology for its upcoming relaunch of the luxury electric sports car. BMW components could power the new Fisker already by 2016.
autonews.com, prnewswire.com

The electric Jaguar might be introduced next year already and go on sale by 2017, Autocar reports. The then electric SUV will rely on the styling of the C-X75 super hybrid and possibly boast an electric motor in each wheel. If it keeps up the (E-)Pace, JLR will compete directly with both Tesla and Audi.

Ahead of the game: Tesla has ordered 2,500 license plates in Denmark. Prematurely so, says the Danish government, as it accuses the Californians of trying to get ahead of the waive of tax exemption. Tesla defends its measure as a realistic step to keep up with expected demand for 2016.

BMW PHEV pricing in the UK: The Bavarians announced UK pricing of its latest plug-in hybrid models, the 330e and the 225xe. The 330e plug-in hybrid starts from 33,935 pounds. For the 225xe, British consumers are asked to spend at least 35,005 GBP. Both will hit the market next spring.

Do not switch to Autopilot if you are driving a Tesla Model S in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has issued a warning for drivers that give steering out of their hands, as the software update has not been officially approved. Drivers could thus be breaking the law. Tesla says it is working with the authorities.

Nov 5, 2015 - 09:33 am

Hyundai, Tesla, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Jaguar.

Hyundai-Genesis-G80Electrified luxury Hyundai? The South Korean carmaker wants to go global with its new luxury sub-brand Genesis and plans to launch six premium models by 2020. As both hybrid and fuel cell technologies are already in-house, it is very likely that at least some Genesis models will be electrified.
autoblog.com, yonhapnews.co.kr, globalpr.hyundai.com

Tesla update: On top of introducing Google’s Jason Wheeler as its new CFO yesterday, the Californians named former Enservio CEO Jon McNeill as its new head of global sales. Elon Musk also mentioned plans for carsharing with autonomous EVs, but refused to go into detail.
venturebeat.com (team), forbes.com (carsharing)

Leaf gets price tag: Nissan has published the price list for the latest version of its electric car for the United States, saying the Leaf will sell from 29,010 dollars without incentives. Those who prefer the 30 kWh battery have to be ready to pay at least 34,200 dollars.
carscoops.com, transportevolved.com, nissannews.com

Honda launches the 2016 CR-Z in the U.S., which mainly got a facelift. The hybrid powertrain remains the same. Changes under the hood will only be made with the reported electric sports car based on the Pikes Peak CR-Z.
autoblog.com, greencarreports.com

Is this the BMW i5? Patent drawings said to originate from BMW have emerged in China, allegedly showing the i5. We have our doubts, however, that this is the look BMW is going for…
carnewschina.com, bmwblog.com

Battle of the Brits: Jaguar considers going head to head with Bentley’s Bentayga, introducing a unique, 200,000 pound Range Rover model for a limited time. So far, the luxury car is only an idea at JLR, but if it becomes a reality, it would most likely also be offered as a hybrid.

Oct 27, 2015 - 09:21 am

Mercedes, Toyota, Jaguar, Japan, Geely, Dongfeng, Changan.

Mercedes-Vision-Tokyo-conceptFuel cell minivan? Mercedes teases the autonomous Vision Tokyo concept bound for the Motor Show in Japan’s capital. The size and sliding doors suggest a seven-seater. Nothing has been said about the powertrain yet but it could feature the same plug-in fuel cell system as the F 015 concept.
autocar.co.uk, worldcarfans.com

Toyota taxi: Toyota is in the process of updating its JPN Taxi Concept first shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The new cab due for release in April 2018 is to feature a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid system that is still under development.

Electric Jaguar update: Renderings depict the Brit’s first EV will be a slightly smaller version of Audi’s Q6 E-tron concept. According to industry insider Georg Kacher, a drag coefficient of 0.28 could make the E-Pace one of the world’s most aerodynamic crossovers.

Tax break extension: The tax break on hybrid and electric vehicles in Japan will possibly be extended but also scaled back. Stricter fuel emission standard wanted by Japanese government will make less cars applicable and will thus likely be met with opposition from domestic carmakers.
japantimes.co.jp, japantoday.com

Geely R&D in UK: Another 50 million pound will be invested by Geely in its London Taxi Company facility in Ansty to expand the site into its British R&D headquarters. The facility will become twice as large than initially planned as total investment increases to 300m GBP.
just-auto.com, autonews.gasgoo.com

New EVs from China: Dongfeng presents the Fengshen A60 EV scheduled for market entry in early 2016. Meanwhile, the BenBen EV was unveiled by Changan Auto who has not given a date for launch yet. Both models are based on petrol-powered cars.
carnewschina.com (Dongfeng), carnewschina.com (Changan)

Sep 7, 2015 - 09:02 am

Volkswagen, Dyson, Tesla, Jaguar, BMW.

VW electric van: German newspaper WirtschaftsWoche reports that Volkswagen’s subsidiary for commercial vehicles will present the prototype of an all-electric cargo van at the CES in Las Vegas. Production is set to start at the end of 2016 in Mexico. The new vehicle is primarily targeted towards courier and delivery companies.
wiwo.de (in German)

Dyson EV? Rumours surfaced once again that hoover manufacturer Dyson is working on an electric car. During an earnings call, CEO Max Conze said Dyson is not ruling out the possibility of releasing its own vehicle. Earlier this year, the company had invested heavily in the solid state battery company Sakti.

VW Golf GTE makeover: Details regarding the Volkswagen Golf facelift planned for March 2016 have been revealed. According to German Auto Bild, the new GTE plug-in hybrid variant will use the same powertrain as the Passat GTE and boast 218 instead of 204 hp.
autobild.de (in German)

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SiemensThe mobility of the future – powered by Siemens. As part of IAA 2015 from September 17 – 27, 2015, Siemens will present leading developments for topics like Connected Car, E-Mobility and Urban Mobility in the New Mobility World 2015 exhibition area. Learn more about our Siemens mobility portfolio. We are looking forward to your visit in hall 3.1 booth 17.

Tesla extends referral program: The carmaker scrapped the limit of ten referrals and added a new incentive – the Tesla owner who makes the most referrals (who actually buy a Tesla) by the end of October can swap their current Model S for a P90D Model S with ‘Ludicrous Mode.’
hybridcars.com, teslamotors.com

F-Pace caught on camera: Jaguar released a photo showing the profile of its F-Pace SUV, which will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. There have also been rumours that there will also be an all-electric version of the Jaguar F-Pace, able to go 300 km on one charge.
autotribute.com, guideautoweb.com

Big in Japan: BMW has opened the first dedicated BMW i showroom in Japan. The Bavarian manufacturer will use the ‘BMW i Megacity Studio’ in Tokyo to showcase the i3 electric car and the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.
autoguide.com, bmwblog.com, autoevolution.com (photo gallery)

Aug 25, 2015 - 08:09 am

Chinese EV, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Tesla, Jordan.

Mysterious supercar: Former Porsche Chief Designer Pinky Lai Ping says he is involved in building an electric high-performance luxury vehicle in China that will leave other European manufacturers “in the dust” and “rewrite” Hong Kong’s history. Ping says he is flying to Beijing to sign the deals to build the vehicle “from scratch” this week. The mysterious supercar is said to be unveiled in the next 12 months.

Mitsubishi-Outlander-PHEVMitsubishi plans: According to Automotive News, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will become available in the U.S. starting in May of next year. A plug-in variant of the Outlander sport will hit dealerships there in 2017, followed by the new Montero (Pajero), also available as PHEV, in 2018. The future of the all-electric i-MiEV is not a priority, however.

E-Jag is coming: Autocar quotes insiders saying that Jaguar is planning a whole family of SUVs, including a purely electric model that will most likely be built by Magna Steyr in Graz (we reported). Moreover, the company applied to trademark the name “EV-Type,” as well as a series of patents related to inductive charging.

Tesla stores makeover: Ahead of the launch of the Model X, Tesla is revamping its stores worldwide. New interactive displays focus on safety, autopilot technology, the Supercharger network and dual motors that drive the EV. Meanwhile, not one but two of the upcoming electric SUVs were seen on the open road in California.
mashable.com, driving.ca (stores), insideevs.com (Model X, video)

Jordan exempts batteries from sales tax: The country’s cabinet decided that batteries for electric and hybrid cars will not be subject to sales tax any longer. Just recently, Jordan exempted all plug-in vehicles from custom duties and sales tax, in order to encourage uptake.
jordantimes.com, petra.gov.jo

Mar 23, 2015 - 09:52 am

Tesla, Lexus, BMW, DeltaWing, Jaguar, Kia.

Tesla autopilot upgrade: The next software upgrade 7.0 awaits Model S drivers this summer and will add self-driving capabilities which basically can take the Tesla out of the hands of drivers, at least on major roads. Furthermore, summoning the car via mobile will be enabled on private property.
nytimes.com, toptechnews.com

Lexus’ new RX: Toyotas premium subsidiary issued a teaser picture showing the fourth generation Lexus RX. Its debut is set for this April at the New York Auto Show and the new model is expected to be a little lighter and to feature an updated hybrid drivetrain, too.
motortrend.com, usatoday.com

BMW X7 update: BMW’s upcoming seven-seater SUV is expected to launch in late 2017 or early 2018, media reports. Furthermore, the X7 that sits above the X5 will be offered as a plug-in hybrid as well, using an adaptation of the system already known from the BMW X5 xDrive40e.
bmwblog.com, worldcarfans.com


Street car by DeltaWing? DeltaWing Technology Group now announced its plan to build a road ready version of its arrow-shaped racer with two or four seats. While electrification seems likely, the extent has yet to be determined as DeltaWings is open to battery, fuel cell, or hybrid systems.

Electric Jaguar XE? The web is puzzled by pictures showing a Jaguar XE whose rear bears a badge with the letter “E.” Could this be an electric Jaguar? The missing tailpipe does suggest exactly that.
autoguide.com, carscoops.com, autoevolution.com

Kia Soul EV reviewed: Peter Braun reveals the “dirty secret” of the Soul EV as he discovers that it is “a brutally practical box on wheels” that outshines its petrol-powered ancestor. Add to that the “revelation” of electric power and “toys” usually found in luxury cars, you have one happy bunny of a reviewer, sorry, hamster.

Mar 19, 2015 - 10:16 am

Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Nissan, Formula E.

Ten PHEVs until 2017: Mercedes is really going for electrification it seems, as the German carmaker wants to introduce ten plug-in hybrid models by 2017. After the S-Class, the C 350 e will become available this month and this summer, the GLE plug-in hybrid will arrive at dealerships.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com

BMW X5 plug-in hybrid for the U.S.: Starting this autumn, the company will offer the X5 xDrive40e on the U.S. market. It is said to have a little less range than the European version. In the U.S., the X5 can drive 13 miles (21 km) fully electric, while in Europe, the range is said to be 31 kilometres.
insideevs.com, autoweek.com

No more hybrid CR-Z: The next generation Honda CR-Z will trade its hybrid system for a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with more power. A hybrid variant will only be continued for the Japanese market.
autoblog.com, hybridcars.com

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e-mobil BW_electrive.comBaden-Württemberg Pavilion | Hannover Messe 2015 Electric mobility made in Baden-Württemberg – The cluster Electric Mobility South-West connects over 80 key players from business and science. Meet the experts on more than 600 sqm exhibition area and get an insight into latest developments. Visit us at the MobiliTec: Hall 27, Booth H85. www.e-mobilbw.de

Jaguar ZF as plug-in? German Autozeitung expects (or hopes) to see a plug-in hybrid variant of the latest Jaguar very soon. However, the Brits will first present the XF in a rather spectacular promotion in London involving two wires, a harbour, a stuntman, and the car of course.
autozeitung.de (in German), carscoops.com

Le Mans only: Nissan said it will skip both WEC races in Silverstone and Spa, as the GT-R LM Nismo is not yet ready to compete. The hybrid racer will make its first appearance in Le Mans in June.

Formula E news: The Swiss government is rethinking the rules that prohibit racing within its borders to possibly allow for an Alpine ePrix during the 2016/17 season. The second ePrix will start in October of this year and end June 2016. Another possible host is the city of Paris.
autoblog.com, electricautosport.com (Switzerland), electricautosport.com (next season; Paris)

Found on electrive.com
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