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Jul 13, 2016 - 08:43 am

Karl Schlicht, Mark Baxter, Max Boon.

Karl-Schlicht“I think that anyone looking at investing in a new diesel plant, which might have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, will have to look long and hard at whether they would get payback.”

Karl Schlicht, executive vice-president of Toyota Europe, says the carmaker is looking to stop investing in diesel cars altogether. He used the Yaris as an example, saying the diesel variant only accounts for about 10 percent of sales and “could [therefore] be dropped in time.”

anonym“We’re open to all avenues. There’s no reason why we couldn’t encompass that technology with the driving dynamics of N, but I haven’t seen anything to confirm that at this stage.”

Hyundai UK’s product planning manager Mark Baxter comments on the possible electrification of the high-performance model of its N division sub-brand.

Max-Boon“The vast majority of complaints we receive are about PHEVs clogging up chargers. We want to encourage electric car use and if we can do that by discouraging plug-in hybrids from using our network, that’s a good thing.”

Ecotricity spokesperson Max Boon explains why the charge point operator has chosen to implement a flat rate at its chargers along the UK’s motorways. Initially set at 5 pounds per 20 minutes (now 6 ponds for 30 minutes), the move had earned Ecotricity a lot of criticism.

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