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Nov 11, 2018 - 01:52 pm

GM makes personnel changes for EV production

The change to electrified transport has caused some major changes for General Motors in Michigan: About 3,000 employees, particularly powertrain engineers, are being moved from the Global Propulsion Systems Center in Pontiac to the GM Technical Center in Warren.

Jan 18, 2017 - 09:14 am

Mark Reuss, Denise Gray.

Mark-Reuss“I think the platform that we’ve got here is really the platform of the future for us.”

GM product chief Mark Reuss echoes what GM CEO Mary Barra said last week: The Bolt will serve as a platform for more electric vehicles.

Denise-Gray-100x100px“It’s a target. It’s aggressive. We don’t have a roadmap that’s going to get us there tomorrow. But everybody is working toward it.”

LG Chem CEO Denise Gray says that she “can’t agree or disagree” with GM’s prediction that the price per kWh will fall to around 145 dollars this year, but says her company is working hard to reach the 100 dollar/kWh target – maybe not this year, but soon.

Sep 15, 2016 - 08:45 am

Mark Reuss, Elon Musk, Hans Bruyninckx.

Mark-Reuss“If you look at the reason why people didn’t buy electrified or pure electric vehicles, it was really around either cost or price range, or in some cases utility. We think with the Bolt we have all of those covered and more.”

Mark Reuss, General Motors executive vice president of global product development says that the Chevy Bolt will be a game changer. It is affordable (37,500 dollars before incentives) and offers 238 miles of range; more than any other EV in its class.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“And I think it would be morally wrong to withhold functionalities that improve safety simply in order to avoid criticisms or for fear of being involved in lawsuits.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk defends himself against allegations that he made the Autopilot available too soon. While he knows that the system isn’t perfect yet, early data seems to suggest that it reduces the risk of an accident by 50 percent.

Hans-Bruyninckx“We just did a report on electric vehicles, and we looked at the Norwegian case quite in detail. And again, it’s all about taking a systemic approach. It’s about infrastructure, taxes and subsidies, it’s about legal dimensions, it’s about collaborating with the public and the private sector.”

Hans Bruyninckx, executive director of the European Environmental Agency, says that green taxation isn’t really popular in Europe, even though the Norwegian model shows that it can bear fruits.


Jan 14, 2016 - 09:33 am

Diarmuid O'Connell, Carlos Ghosn, Mark Reuss.

Diarmuid-O-Connell“It would be a fulfilment of our mission if the biggest manufacturer in the U.S. put a mass-market EV on the road. We’re hopeful that they will and frankly that everyone else does.”

Tesla’s VP of business development Diarmuid O’Connell is up for competition, saying the company’s overarching mission is the electrification of transport.

Carlos-Ghosn“I’m used to many nicknames, but no, I don’t think so. That belongs to someone else you know very well.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn gave a humble response when asked if he would accept to be called “Mr. Electric Car.” We all know who he is talking about, but think that they could maybe share the title.

Mark-Reuss“It is a zero-emission vehicle, so there are a lot of credits for vehicles like the Bolt. Our plan is to improve fuel economy on all fronts, from taking weight out of new models to introducing game-changers like the Bolt.”

Mark Reuss, head of global product development at GM, sees the value of having a pure electric car for the whole fleet. And it sounds promising that GM may not intend to use it an excuse. More game-changers, please.

Jan 6, 2016 - 10:27 am

Nick Sampson, Mark Reuss.

Nick-Sampson“Tesla and Elon Musk have created something we should all applaud them for.”

Nick Sampson, senior vice president at Faraday Future, says that while Tesla serves as a role model, the new start-up is looking to get its first EVs on the market much faster than Tesla did.

Mark-Reuss“If you are a slave to monthly sales, you will give up your long-term vision of what you think the future will be. And we did that [with the EV1]. We had the first electric car. And we didn’t follow it up. Think of where we would be today if we hadn’t done that. And I remind people who weren’t in the company or are younger. I say, we are not going to make the mistake again.”

As GM is gearing up to introduce the Chevy Bolt, Global Product Chief Mark Reuss remembers the EV1, which was introduced exactly 20 years ago. Judging by his words, GM is in the EV business for the long haul.

Nov 3, 2015 - 09:07 am

Mark Reuss, Lance Bradley.

Mark-Reuss“We make cars, we know how to make cars. They’ve got great technical capabilities. We are very interested in how those two might work together.”

GM’s Product Development Chief Mark Reuss suddenly shows an interest in working with Google. It seems as if someone is very keen on getting a better grip on automated driving technology.

Lance-Bradley“Mitsubishi’s plan globally is to have at least 20% of its volume being either EV or plug-in-hybrid by 2020.”

Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi UK managing director, is certain that with the Outlander PHEV selling so well and the hybrid ASX in the pipeline, that target might well be achieved.


Oct 22, 2015 - 08:25 am

Mark Reuss, J.B. Straubel.

Mark-Reuss“It will be around $30,000, but I think it’s going to be below that when you get the tax break on it.”

GM’s Product Development Chief, Mark Reuss, on how affordable the Chevy Bolt EV, expected to arrive by 2016, will actually be. He is counting on State support.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“Construction here has moved extremely fast; it’s part of why we wanted to be in Nevada in the first place.”

Tesla CTO J.B. Straubel announces that the first employees will begin work at the Gigafactory in the Nevada desert in just a few weeks.

Apr 16, 2015 - 08:24 am

Mark Templin, Mark Reuss.

Mark-Templin“The reality is that in most places, people only buy plug-in hybrids for the tax benefit or carpool lane benefit—and then they never plug them in.”

Mark Templin, executive VP Lexus International, on why his company is not too keen on “plugging in” but might be looking at fuel cells instead. However, if the need arises, Toyota’s range of PHEVs sits there waiting in the background.

Mark-Reuss“We’ve pretty much resolved most of them. We’re doing it and evaluating it.”

Mark Reuss, GM’s head of product development, on the technical challenges the Bolt EV poses. Launch of the 30,000-dollar EV is planned for 2017.

Aug 18, 2014 - 08:32 am

Mark Reuss, Dan Galves, Shreyas Patil.

Mark-Reuss“People like to say the ELR is [competition for the Model S], but it’s really not. It’s a different car, it’s a different price point. It’s way-different technology.”

Mark Reuss, GM’s head of global product development, has to admit that former GM CEO Dan Akerson was wrong assuming that it would be easy to compete with Tesla.

Dan-Galves“We believe that Tesla has already proven that EVs are inherently better, although most industry observers, and certainly the general public, don’t know it yet.”

Credit Suisse’s Dan Galves and Shreyas Patil have come to the conclusion that the market fight between EVs and petrol cars will not be a fair one, because the technologies are worlds apart.

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